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There are a lot of things about Toronto life that are universal, like a general frustration about being associated with Rob Ford wherever you go. But there are certain things that only make sense if you've lived in a certain, special area of Toronto. It may not have been the most fun place to live, and most people who aren't from there have no idea where it is, but North York is our home, and if you don't get it, you can't sit with us.

1. "Stoked to party it up at Yonge and Eg this weekend!"

2. "I'm getting so sick of kimchi."

3. "Hey! We're not the GTA!"

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4. "I hear she went to Northern, what do you expect?"

5. "I'm bored. Wanna go to Yorkdale and try on makeup?"

6. "Dundas? That's basically another city."

7. "Probably gonna have my birthday dinner at the Mandarin."

8. "I am definitely not raising my kids in North York."

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9. "Lawrence West station is not in North York. Get it right."

10. "I can't go out. My bus isn't running today."

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