It's been an emotional roller coaster ride watching the Raptors in this year's playoffs so far. Though our team has had its share of bad times, there was never a dull moment.

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And Toronto fans are a big part of the reason why this playoff season has been so entertaining. Here are 10 memorable Raptors fans that are the true MVPs:

The #BiyomboIsMyFather Guy

Honestly, with a franchise-record 26 rebounds in Game 3 against the Cavs, Biyombo is everyone's father. But this guy called it first, so he wins.

Nav Bhatia

This guy is a true superfan. He even took a private jet to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. And, in the sea of Cavs fans, he still managed to make his presence known. Way to rep our team and our city!

The Guy Who Got Booted

We all know these refs haven't been kind to the Raps as of late. Dwayne Casey calls them out for it and gets fined $25,000 for it. Then this guy gives them a piece of his mind and gets kicked out of the ACC. Not the classiest way to go out, but thanks for doing what we all probably wanted to do.

John Tory

Bow down to the KING of clap back.

The Sassy Guy

This guy SERVES the sass after the refs finally call a foul against the Cavs in Game 4. Yaaaaaas mom.

Ennis Esmer

Shout out to this man for showing some DeRozan love.

Photo credscoopnest

The Academy Member

This fan must be a member of the Academy, cause he be giving out Oscars to the rightfully deserving.

Sport Chek

Sport Chek always had our back.


Obviously we can't have a Raptors fan list without including Drake! I don't care how many people think he's "bad luck"... it was the 6ix God who blessed the Raptors at this moment against the Heat in Game 4, okay? It was him I swear.

Norm Kelly

Props to Norm for telling the haters what was really up.

Honorary mention: The Cowbell Guy

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