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Okay. C’mon, is there really an argument here? Oh but what about Montreal you say? Well I say FUCK MONTREAL. I heard they don’t even have tacos there. A city without Mexican food is like a phone number without an area code, it’s not only wrong it’s impossible. Conclusion?

Toronto has tacos by the truckload so we are obviously the better best city. And if you’re still on the fence (which really doesn’t make much sense because there is no fucking fence) here are more reasons why Toronto trumps everywhere else in Canada.

We are not Vancouver

Sorry Vancouver, hate to break it to ya, but bigger is in fact better. Toronto’s multiculturalism could run circles around your yoga retreats and mountain climbing any day of the week. Not only is living in Toronto more affordable for most people in their 20’s, it’s frankly way more fun. Not to mention there’s less weed here so everybody isn’t stoned all the time and we Torontonians be getting shit done.

You probably want to take a selfie with our Mayor

There I said it. And yea, it’s probably true. Crack aside, our Mayor is now a world-class celeb, and who doesn’t want to be tagged in that photo on instagram?

Brunch is our religion

Civil wars? Hurricanes? Riots? I don’t think so. In Toronto the closest thing we have to conflict is which end has better brunch spots, east or west. Though this can be a rather dangerous discussion (I’ve seen my fair share of patio chairs fly. Let’s blame the mimosas) it’s pretty awesome when you think about it. Whether you’re a disciple of Bonjour Brioche in the east or Aunties & Uncles in the west, it’s all waffles, bacon, and good times!

The food and drink scene

Toronto is a magical land filled with many many restaurants. Even the foodies can’t keep up. Restaurant openings, food trucks, pop up dinners, there is enough to make the most informed look like an amateur. Whether it’s pig’s blood, artisanal toast, or molecular cocktails, you are sure to find a spot with enough wow factor to win over the skeptics.

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We have a neighbourhood for that

We have six Chinatowns people, SIX.

It's New York in the movies

The most obvious being the show Suits, look close and you can see the TTC subways signs. American Psycho (2000), Chicago (2002) Okay that’s Chicago but still cool. Total Recall (2012) This film set was super cool to run into two summers ago. Serendipity (2001), X-Men (2000) and the list goes on.

The people here are damn good looking

Walk down king street west right now and tell me you don’t see a bunch of sexy people. Do it. Now. Not only do we look good, we know how to dress fucking well. Toronto is a fashionable place and it attracts like-minded individuals.

Toronto Island

Who ever said there was no nature here was just plain wrong. Grab your bike, hop on the ferry, bring a picnic basket or what have you and head to the beach. If getting naked in front of complete strangers is your thing, head to Hanlan’s point. Or go on a walk and check out all the amazing homes and shed some tears because there is only a 30-year waitlist to snag one for yourself.

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St. Lawrence Market

My statistics are a little off but I’m pretty sure this is one of the best markets in the world, scratch that, best market that’s ever existed. I’m not biased at all... Why go to Montreal for bagels when you can just get them here? The cheese selection alone will make you dizzy. Not to mention all the different types of meat. Kangaroo burgers anyone? Yeesh sorry vegans.

The Distillery District

Okay this place is just so effing pretty. By segway or by foot, make your way down to tankhouse lane and count the brides to be. On any given summer/fall day you’ll run into at least three to four wedding photo shoots. Peruse one of the many over-priced galleries, eat some gelato from Soma, take pictures on the cobblestone streets and just love life.

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