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Toronto's had cat cafes on the brain for a while now. Ever since we knew that such a thing could exist, we've wanted one of our very own for our city. But after a long debacle, nothing has come of it. Every city that has cat cafes loves them, and we just wanna get in on the fun too. Here are some of the ways that a Toronto cat cafe would make the world a better place.

Cats Reduce Stress

There's been tons of research to suggest that the simple act of stroking a cat can help relieve anxiety, and anxiety is something Torontonians know all about. We're always on the move, and always working, so it's good to occasionally chill out. If you're going to be stuck at a cafe working on a paper for hours on end, having a cute little kitty around to play with while you do it would only make the process better.

Cat Ladies Can Meet Other Cat Ladies

It's a lonely life being a cat lover, especially in a dog-loving city like Toronto. A cat cafe would be a great place for Toronto cat fans to meet each other and feel less alone.

Montreal Already Has Two

In our never-ending battle with Montreal for the title of Coolest Canadian City, we've really dropped the yarn ball with this one. Toronto's been building up hype about cat cafes for a year now, and nothing has come of it. Meanwhile, Montreal announced that it was getting in on the cat cafe game, and then went on to produce not one, but two cafes to prove that it was serious. Let's get our shit together, Toronto.

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It Would Help With Toronto's Homeless Cat Problem

I used to canvass for the Toronto Humane Society, and one thing I learned while doing that is that Toronto has not only a ton of feral cats, but a lot of cats that are abandoned by their families on the regular and end up in shelters. These shelters can't afford to keep them for too long, and a lot of places actually have to turn cats away because there's just no room for them. Cat cafes are a great way to showcase cats that are up for adoption. So people who meet a cat they like can go home with it that same day.

It Would Make Our Cafes Even Cozier

Queen West already has some adorable cafes. But you know what's even more adorable? Kitties. What's cozier than sinking into a comfortable chair with some warm coffee and a little cutie curled up on your lap? It would make your life and you know it.

It Would Help Fight That Stereotype About Torontonians

You know, the stereotype that we're cold and brutal. It's completely untrue, but a great way of proving it is showing the world out softer side. Anybody who loves kitty cats has to be a big sweetie on the inside.

Winter Is Coming

The weather's getting colder, and we need something soft and fluffy to warm us up. Don't you want to have a cat waiting for you at the end of a long journey through Toronto's bizarrely windy streets? It would instantly make a bad day better.

No One You Know Owns A Cat

If you appreciate cats in this city, but can't have one because Toronto landlords hate letting people keep pets, you probably don't get any kitty action ever. The few people you know who have pets own dogs, because Toronto is obsessed with dogs, and you can't remember the last time you saw a feline. Cue cat cafe, which would give you that necessary fix of kitty love, and be so, so good.

Photo cred - Pet Me Meow

We've Been Teased About It For So Long

This has seriously been in the making for what feels like nine lifetimes. Everyone got all hyped up, indiegogo accounts have been made, and money has been thrown all around the internet. Two different projects have come out as the most likely candidates for Toronto's First Cat Cafe- Pet Me Meow and Kitty Cat Cafe, but neither has been able to find a building willing to host them (because of worries about ~allergies~). If we don't get a cat cafe soon, a lot of people are gonna be let down, and it's gonna suck.

The Pop Up Cat Cafe Blew Up

Not literally, of course. Pet Me Meow opened up a pop up cat cafe this summer for three days, and not only did it get a lot of action, but it got 10 kitties adopted. Imagine how much good a kitty cafe would do for the community and for orphan cats if it was around all the time. We know this works, so just make it happen Toronto!

Donate to Pet Me Meow here, or Kitty Cat Cafe here

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