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Barre workouts are having a moment. Chances are if you're not already addicted, you have a BFF that won't stop talking about this fun new type of exercise. Let's face it: if we're going to actually show up to work out, it has to be fun. Barre classes originated in NYC and LA but now we're just as obsessed with these hour-long workouts that use props like weighted balls and resistance bands. The best part? Using a ballet barre and pretending you're a ballerina, if only for a few hours a week.

Here are 10 reasons why Torontoians love barre classes.

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1. They appeal to our competitive side

We know people in Toronto are nice. How many times have you bumped into a stranger on the street and they're the one to say I'm sorry? But we are competitive, too. There's no sugarcoating it: barre classes are hard. You can usually expect some cardio and strength training no matter what type of class it is. You will likely see some pretty determined women in your classes who are sweating it out and proud.

2. An excuse for a fashion show

Barre fashion is the best. From printed leggings to tank-tops that show off the toned shoulders that you will get from barre classes, you will want to wear your work-out clothes 24/7.

3. The 60 minute classes are perfect for busy bees

Barre3, a studio located at 325 King Street West, even offers childcare so busy Toronto women can sweat it out at the barre while knowing their kid(s) are being taken care of. But even single (or taken) 20somethings can appreciate the efficient one hour workouts.

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4. There's a Queen West studio for you downtown hipsters


625 Queen Street West

Live in the neighbourhood that Vogue called the #2 coolest in the world? You're in luck -- there's a barre studio for you. Visit Barreworks' flagship location and do your plies, squats and lunges while people watching on the trendy, creative Queen West.


5. There are 2 studios for you uptown girls

It’s tough being an uptown girl in what can sometimes feel like a downtown world. But luckily there’s Barrework’s Yonge location at 2576 Yonge Street and Barre Beautiful's location at 2156 Yonge Street , so this is one trend you don’t have to miss out on. Both studios have a super luxurious feel, just what you would expect from Yonge and Eg.

6. The teachers are artists

Toronto is a diverse place and we love our art. Barre teachers are always trained dancers. Some perform in modern dance companies, others have been ballerinas since they were little. Either way, it's inspiring.

7. Sometimes you get sick of yoga.

Let's be honest: we all want to be that glowing girl who eats only vegan and gluten-free and has mastered every yoga pose. But when you want an upbeat workout, barre is your best bet. Classes usually come with a pop soundtrack, and Barreworks even offers Beyonce themed classes. It doesn't get much better than that.

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 8. You can embrace your inner dancer

Life in Toronto is full of stress, from your job and making time to see friends and the joys of that daily TTC commute. Forget all that and dance for an hour, getting an insane workout at the same time.

9. Barre started in NYC and L.A.

We always hear that Toronto is like New York. Now we don’t have to be envious of the cool workouts in those two trendy cities, because we have it right here.

10. We like being trendy

Just as you can’t stop humming the latest Taylor Swift song, you can’t help getting on board with what's totally popular. And barre is probably the trendiest workout there is right now. So put on those printed leggings and join in.

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