Drinking is fun, but it comes at a cost. Drinks themselves are never cheap, but not being able to drive yourself around means also having to fork over fortunes to your uber or cab driver.

This is why everyone loves the DD. Who can do anything but praise the selfless friend who sacrifices their own fun for the greater good of the group? Shots of tequila are awesome, but nothing tops a free ride from the GTA to Early Mercy!

Here are 10 reasons you should skip drinking tonight but tag along as the designated driver: 

1. You won't be hungover tomorrow.

You were able to have a night out without sacrificing the following day. You can wake up at 8am sharp and go to yoga without every ounce of your being begging you to stay in bed. 

2. You'll feel like the smartest, most responsible friend (for once).

You'll get to feel like a brilliant, responsible prodigy amongst your amazing but idiotic friends just by speaking coherently. 

3. They'll owe you big time.

You’re doing a massive favour for your friends, and now they’ll be indebted to you and potentially return the favour next time you feel like getting lit.

4. You'll save money.

And you'll still have fun just by being out! You won't have to pay for overpriced cabs, drinks, and necessary fast food to absorb the liquor. 

5. You'll have the story scoop.

Who needs to watch a movie when your friends are this funny? Watching them be their crazy drunk selves is entertainment enough! You’ll observe and remember the most, and therefore you’ll be able to tell the most acute stories and playbacks of the night.

6. You'll be preventing potential drunk driving incidents.

Which will leave your conscience crystal clear. Being the designated driver means that you are preventing any of your friends from being a potential drunk driver, so when you're DD you can feel good about saving lives.

7. You'll reap the benefits of drunk generosity.

While there's no statistical info anywhere online, if I were to guess, I'd say that people are 400% more generous when they are drunk. You'll have to dodge free shots like mad, but I'm sure one of your grateful friends will cover your post-bar poutine.

8. You won't have any regrets.

You won’t have anything to wonder or be worried about. You KNOW you didn’t call your ex, you KNOW you didn't destroy any friendships, and you KNOW you told the cute guy who tried to buy you a drink about your stomach rash, but that one's on you. 

9. You'll have tons of blackmail material.

Drunk people tend to love being photographed in ways that horrify their sober selves. Proceed with caution.

10. You'll get to end the night on your call.

The second you’re bored or your feet hurt, you’re ALL outta there. No waiting around - your car, your call!

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