1) We want to focus on our career

Although unemployment rates have been high in Ontario, they have become a lot better in the past year, according to the Globe and Mail. Several centres surrounding Toronto boast unemployment rates below 6%. There are also many different types of jobs in Toronto to people looking to go into almost any type of field. Not to mention, U of T, Ryerson and York University are recognized as some of the most elite post-secondary institutions to receive an education in Canada. Many Toronto girls are looking to be future “girl-bosses” and want to establish themselves before jumping into something serious. Career first, relationship later.

2) We're too busy living our lives

With all of the hustle and bustle of the big city, Toronto girls are already having difficulty finding the time to balance the people that are already in their lives, let alone trying to let new people in. With all of the fall and winter events coming up in Toronto whilst trying to keep up with school or an internship/job on Bay St., it is stressful to think of adding someone new to the mix.

3) We're too young

You will only get to be in your 20s for so long, and the time flies. Doing whatever you want in a city such as Toronto where there are always going to be a million different things to do is a liberating feeling. This is a feeling that is almost impossible to give up at this time in a Toronto girl’s life. You want to enjoy the freedom of being single without having to consider someone else in your plans. Maybe in a few years things will change.

4) We're trying to focus on school

By attending one of the most recognized academic institutions in Canada, whether it be U of T, York or Ryerson, Toronto girls are looking to become educated so that they are able to lock down those post-grad internships. Relationships are simply a distraction from this.

5) We want "me" time, all the time

Okay, so Toronto girls can be a bit selfish, but who can’t? You have to admit that it is nice to have some time without anyone getting in the way of that. Takeout from one of China town’s best restaurants for one? That sounds extremely appealing right now.

6) We just want to shop

Okay, so you have to weigh the options here. You could blow your money perusing down Queen St. and have a fantastic new wardrobe, or you could spend all of your hard earned money on food and activities, and probably more food when you’re in a relationship. The more you spend on shopping, the less you’ll have left to spend on pizza, and the fewer trips you’ll have to take to the gym, right?

7) We don't have our sh*t together

Let’s face it, who does have their ducks in a row by their early 20s? VERY FEW. Although Toronto girls do a damn good job of making it look as though they have their stuff in line by dressing to impress and getting an education, that is far from the truth. Having to worry about what you want to do as a career while trying to mature into adulthood at the same time is stressful enough, we’ll save that extra stress for later.

8) We don't know ourselves well enough yet

You haven’t lived long enough to really get a grasp of who you are and what you want out of life. We continue to learn things every day, as we will for the rest of our lives, however, majority of these life lessons take place in our 20s. How are you supposed to know how to be with someone else when you don’t even know yourself yet?

9) We are looking for someone to sweep us off our feet

Until this happens, it looks like Toronto girls will be living the “Beyonce before she met Jay Z” life for a while.   Quality guys are hard to come by, and Toronto girls have some of the highest standards out there because they set very high standards for themselves. Show them you’re worth their time.

10) We want to travel first

Ever heard of the post-grad travel bug? Yeah, it’s definitely a thing. Toronto girls seek adventure. Although they live in one of the most exciting cities in Canada, they need to have that overseas experience before settling into their career. This is very difficult to do whilst in a relationship because the focus is on having your own adventure, without having to worry about someone back home.

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