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Marijuana is more than just a thing people smoke on Saturday nights in Toronto, weed is a legit lifestyle. From festivals to scavenger hunts, Toronto does all things with weed, including some more esoteric events, like academic conferences. All combine to make Toronto the best city for weed smokers in all of Canada.

What, don't believe us? What about Vancouver, or Montreal you say? Well, we say nay to both, 'cuz while they may smoked a lot of bud, neither takes weed next level like Toronto does. Read on and you'll see why.

The Marijuana Treasure Hunt

Free beer and money hidden around a city is all well and good, and something tons of cities have been doing, but Toronto trumps them all with the Marijuana Treasure Hunt. An annual event held by MIB_Toronto, the MTH is the largest free cannabis event in all of Canada, so take that Vancouver. Aside from the yearly event, MIB also hold mini-scavenger hunts throughout the year, and they're also responsible for the marijuana trampoline dodgeball league. And yes, that was a thing.

The Global Marijuana March

Every single year, Toronto plays host to the Global Marijuana March, a peaceful demonstration that regularly totals over 20,000 attendees. Global marijuana marches are held all around the world, and Toronto's is estimated as the largest, giving the city some serious international cred. The march is truly something amazing, as marijuana advocates of all sorts join together in a non-violent protest, all of joined by their love for weed. No city does the march as well as Toronto, because, as we know, TO is the best.

Legit Medical Marijuana Clinics

Unlike most Canadian cities, excluding Vancouver, Toronto is home to not one, but two, official medical marijuana clinics. Medical Marijuana Clinics of Canada on Danforth and Cannabinoid Medical Clinic by Yonge and Eglinton have been helping those who truly need medical marijuana since August. Actively changing the perception of medical marijuana, not only have these two clinics letting people smoke more, they're also changing the negative perception other physicians have towards marijuana, as clinic doctors often collaborate with a patient's other physicians when creating treatments. No random Joe can walk in and get a marijuana prescription, but those who truly need it will, and more access to weed is a very good thing.

So Many Weed Lounges To Choose From

Smoking in the park and around the city is pretty safe to do in Toronto, a testament to the city's amazing weed culture, but even more amazing is Toronto's vast selection of weed and vap lounges. Go to the Hot Box Cafe in Kensington (which also has amazing cookies), or head to Vapor Central on Church and Wellesely, or The Vapor Social on College, and that's just to name a few. Variety is the spice of life, and we got cannabis cafe-variety in spades.

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Kensington Market

Everyone knew Kensington was going to make this list, and you pretty much know why. Not only does the 'hood host several of the city's coolest cannabis cafes, but Kensington is just brimming with stoner culture. Any and everyone who lives or hangs out here smokes weed, and that isn' a stereotype, it's a fact. Check out Bellevue Square Park on a sunny day and you'll smell what we're talking about.

Tons Of Head Shops

Need a special pipe? Want a super sweet bong? Then you'll have zero problem finding it in Toronto. And we're not talking about a dinky convenience store with a couple of pipes and papers, these shops are packing everything you could ever need. Even if the first head shop you go to doesn't stock what you're looking for, you have so many others you can check out. Best of all, head shops extend well beyond the downtown Toronto core, like Happy Dayz, meaning even folks in the 'burbs of the GTA can get their hands on smoking apparel close to home. Supply needs to meet demand, and obviously Torontonians are pretty avid smokers.

Toronto Freedom Festival

Yes, the last Toronto Freedom Festival did get cancelled, but the event is still a great example of how amazing Toronto embraces its cannabis culture. During the two-day festival, 30, 000 people have taken to the streets in past years, having fun in the sun while checking out the many exhibitors and live performances at the festival. Hopefully the Toronto Freedom Festival makes its return next year, because it is sorely missed.

The Champs Canada Marijuana Expo

What used to be the Treat Yourself Expo has turned into the Champs Canada Expo, though the basic idea remains the same: all things marijuana related under one roof. So pretty much smoker/stoner heaven, as you can gawk at gigantic bongs and smoking paraphernalia you could never afford and only dream about when you're high. At least in Toronto you have the option, which is more than we can say for other Marijuana Expo-less cities.

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The NORML Conference

On the more serious side of things, we have the NORML Conference, which was held in Toronto this past May. A meeting of the minds on serious issues regarding marijuana, the conference focused on ways to get cannabis legalized, the science of various strains, medical marijuana laws, and other serious topics often not addressed by the majority of the marijuana community. In Toronto, we get academic with our weed, just as much as we smoke, chill, and munch out.

Everyone Smokes

Vancouver and Montreal may have more weed smokers in relation to their size, but Toronto definitely trumps both in terms of the total amount of marijuana lovers. Toronto simply boasts more people, and a huge majority smoke, thus, Toronto is the city with the most smokers in all of Canada (based off no research, of course). We all smelled the streets during Nuit Blanche this past weekend and 420 at Dundas Square pretty much speaks for itself. Plus, there is always a place to grab in TO, no matter the time, again, because supply needs to meet the demand.

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