Today we are constantly bombarded with images all over the internet, social media, magazines and so on of #couplegoals, perfect couples who seem to ALWAYS be happy and have never had so much as a disagreement.

When seeing stuff like that, we can't help but think that our own relationships are just not making the cut. How can we possibly last if he didn't Instagram a super cute photo of us at the Toronto Christmas Market. Am I really in a happy relationship if we had a fight about whether the Leafs suck or not?

But in the grand scheme of things, none of that stuff really matters. What fuels a relationship has nothing to do with how many 'likes' a photo of the two of you will receive, or even how often he takes you out to Buca. It's the small things and the way you treat each other everyday that really count. So how can you tell if your boyfriend is the real deal? Well if your boyfriend has any of there traits, you can definitely consider yourself a lucky girl:

1. He’s your best friend.

Sure it might sound like a cliche, but a great relationship should also be a friendship. You can go to the Ex and act like little kids around each other,or you can go out to EFS and get totally hammered, just like you would with your girls. You guys can have FUN with each other no matter what the situation and are totally homies.

2. He invests his time in you.

Girl, you deserve that good morning text AND the goodnight text. Don't be with someone who makes you feel like your hard to love. "He works long hours on Bay St" is not an excuse, the perfect boyfriend will make time.

3. He does not get angry with you when you’re busy with life.

Because he has your best interest at heart. He realizes that you have a life outside of his (just like you should realize the same for him). If you and your girls want to get day drunk and beautified at Your Majesty's Pleasure instead of hanging out with him, his only response should be "alright, have fun!"

4. He trusts you, 100%.

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. If you end up on your phone the entire night while at the Addison's texting him to assure him you're 'behaving' yourself, then maybe your guy isn't so perfect. That being said, don't give him reasons to not trust you.

5. He’s a man of his word.

Actions speak louder than words. If he promises to take you to a Raptor's game, he better not back out and take his friends instead.

6. He finds you beautiful even when you don’t.

No for real, we are too judgemental on ourselves. Your guy will truly think that even after running the Nike 15k marathon, you still like damn fine.

7. He genuinely knows how to make you happy.

While he might not write super romantic FB posts about you, be sure to notice when he brings you your favourite Tim's cookie without being asked. It's the little things that you do for each other that are actually important.

8. You feel safe with him.

Which could mean a lot of things: Maybe he makes you feel safe when you're taking the TTC late at night, and even if he's not with you, you know he's just a phone call away. Or maybe he makes you feel safe about where the future is heading. But usually, the perfect guy will make you feel both.

9. He makes you a better person.

The people you surround yourselves with should bring positivity into your life. They should want to make us be better, and try harder, which includes your s/o. Whether that's wanting to explore the city more (Narcity can help with that), or pushing yourself to just be kinder to others, the perfect guy will only improve you.

10. And lastly, he knows you’re the greatest girl in the world.

I mean, if he's this great, you probably are too, and he'll waste no time making sure you know.

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