Being the largest city in Canada, Toronto is filled with millions of people working in the Financial District all day and partying in the Entertainment District all night. However, the hustle and bustle of the big city doesn't render it from letting you bump into your ex around every corner.

It's true. No matter how big Toronto may seem, you are bound to run into your ex every now and again. And with that can bring up old memories and emotions... for him. Here are 10 signs that your ex is not over you... and probably still in love with you.

1. He finds excuses to text you.

"Hey, remember our first date to the Distillery District?" ... (Read 6:56 PM)

Photo Cred - Giphy

2. He hasn't dated anyone else in a long time.

A really long time, longer than Yonge St.

3. Or he becomes a serial dater.

"He was with Amy at Bloke on Sunday then was at Warehouse with Julia on Tuesday and was with Kaitlyn on Thursday night at Wildflower."

4. He unfollows you on insta.

If he doesn't want to see cute pictures of your latte at Dineen then that's his loss.

5. He says he hates you.

Yeah well maybe, but at least Toronto loves you.

6. He plays hot and cold.

Cold circa Tuesday's snowfall versus hot like Muskoka summers at the cottage.

 7. He says he's over you.

Are Toronto baseball fans over the Blue Jays loss last season? Yeah, no.

8. He talks about meeting you again in the future.

Nope, no thanks. Keep your past behind you like your ponytail.

9. He asks you for advice.

"Can I wear my Zanerobes and Roshes without being considered a fvckboy?" Oh dear.

 10. He constantly says you've changed.

As if you've come this far just to remain the same.

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