As the weather changes so does your schedule! Summer has come to an end which means that a lot of you have gone back-to-school. Whether or not you were ready, school is in session and along with the large numbers of college/university students piling back into lecture halls, comes raging hormones!

Most students find various ways to de-stress during the school year and one of them just so happens to be sex.  For the most part, returning York University students know where the best places to get down and dirty around campus are. For those oh-so-naughty students who are either new to campus or are in need of some new places to share one-on-one time with their special someone, look no more.  Finding new ways to sneak a quickie in between classes in both public and not so public places is the easiest part. Picking which ones are best suited for the occasion may be tricky, well that and not getting caught!

1. Performing Arts Accolade East building stair case or hallways

Stairwells are always a great place to fit in a quickie at York U because there are so many of them! There are always times during the day when they are completely empty which means you can have all the fun that you'd like. The performing arts building is such a fun and creatively decorated building to fool around in. If you find yourself there with someone late at night and happen to be in the mood for some risqué business, try out the hallway!

2. Underground

The Underground is a really cool-on campus restaurant. What's awesome about this restaurant specifically is that during the night it turns into a club. So if the mood strikes while you are partying, students have been known to do more than dancing while down under and if you're adventurous enough, you could too!

3. The Village

The best part about having sex in the village is that you probably live there. Campus residence is known for their epic parties and crazy nights, so if need be heading to your res before or after class will be a breeze! If you don't live on campus, finding a quite place to park in the village is a great alternative as well!

4. Seneca @ York Editing suites

The journalism students at Seneca @ York have the amazing advantage of having access to editing suites. If you're lucky enough to get access to a key,  you can swing in there sometime and get busy. Don't worry about noise, a majority of them are soundproof (wink, wink).

5. York Lanes parking Garage

Parking garages are a well known place to have sex at York University. Your car may not be the most spacious place to have sex on campus but it is one of the hottest. If the garage is filled with cars you can sneak between them and do your thing. Just keep a look out for drivers and students walking back to their cars!

6. York Commons (Harry W. Arthurs Common)

With the abundance of bars, restaurants, sitting areas and stores, York University commons keeps students busy between classes. At night the commons can become quite dead. Slip into any area of the commons and enjoy a late night encounter. Trees, high walls and the gorgeous water fountain provide excellent coverage while drowning out your moans and groans. The stars in the sky at night set the tone while providing a sensual back drop for the deed.

7. Tait McKenzie Centre of Recreation

This one may be a bit complicated to get away with but the activities provided in the fitness centre will have your adrenaline already at an all time high.  Try staying behind at night and/or on weekends to see if you can get an extra special work out in!

8. Your fave classroom or lecture hall

In the mood for a bit of role playing? After hours you can visit your favourite lecture hall and give out extra credit to that special naughty student.

9. Scott Library

Libraries are known to college/university students as one of the top rated places to have sex (just watch any college or university movie). Since York U's library is so big you will have no problem finding a spot to take a break from studying. Just remember to keep your voices down! If you want a bit more privacy, try booking out a study room so that you can take all the time you need while not having to fight the urge to be a bit louder.

10. Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre

If you can find a moment in your day to head to the theatre when it is not in use, this could be a really exciting way to spice up your sex life.

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