Coming back from a weekend of bad decision making can be tough. Maybe you ate too much, maybe you drank too much, most likely you did both.

The bottom line is you’re feeling gross inside and out. Mondays are all about renewal and getting yourself back on track. Here are 10 things you should do if you're trying to come back from your rowdy weekend.

1. Take a Shower

First thing's first. Get in the shower and wash away the feeling of grime on your skin, which is probably mostly psychological but probably at least in part actual grime. Don't skip this first step. Even if you're planning on going to the gym right away, shower first and wash away the feeling of sin on your skin so you can effectively move on with your day.

2. Detox

Green smoothie, cold-pressed juice, and water, water, water. Clear out your insides, and your poor liver will thank you.

3. Do Cardio

Physically and mentally renew yourself at the gym. Cardio will help you sweat it all out and will force your mind to refocus. You'll also release endorphins which will help set a good mindset and an overall positive attitude for the rest of the day.

4. Laugh

Make plans with your funny or happy-go-lucky pals. It's easy to get caught in a slump when you've got depressants in your system. Spend time with the people that make you laugh the most and don't dwell on what's behind you.

5. Disconnect from your phone

Rereading your drunk argument with your ex isn't going to change the outcome. And tbh it is not even your business that drunk you called Pizza Pizza 85 times at 4am. Turn it off and move on.

6. Get outside

Go for a walk or a hike in a natural environment. Leave your phone at home.

7. Do a mini-spa treatment

You probably still feeling pretty crusty, so now is a good time to finally deservingly use that expensive face mask you bought at Sephora.

8. Organize your life

Now that you've worked out and detoxed and hopefully acquired a positive attitude towards today, you're ready to confront your life. Clad in your face mask, make way over to the computer and sort through your emails. Respond and delete, respond and delete. Schedule the rest of your week. Finally update your iTunes. Make appointments. Do all of the little administrative things you've been meaning to do.

It's important that you don't try to do this first thing in the morning, because it could be overwhelming and likely anxiety-inducing. Focus on your physical/psychological comeback first and foremost.

9. Organize something else

Now that you've got your life under control, organize something else. Your whole closet, or even just your eternally cluttered side table drawer.

10. Visit your happy place

Do the thing that makes you happy so you can feel like the best version of yourself again. Read, write, paint- whatever it is that you love but habitually avoid, do it today.

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