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It’s hard to move away from home no matter where you live. Even if you hate the place immensely, there will always be something you miss with all your heart. I did the trek from Toronto to Montreal, as so many others do for school, thinking that it wouldn’t be all that different. And while I don’t plan on moving away from my beloved MTL anytime soon, there are some instances where I think my life would be easier if I had just stayed put.

1. Greek Food Doesn’t Compare

I will never be able to enjoy Greek food in any other place other than Greece now. Toronto has turned me into a serious snob when it comes to Greek cuisine. I just want an equal taste to Louis’ Greek fries and loukoumades from Athens. Is that so hard to ask?

2. You Can’t Shake The Slang

Do you know how many times I’ve called the Metro the TTC? Or have had to explain the phrase “What are you sayin’?”

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3. Everyone Assumes You’re An Asshole

I knew everyone liked to rip on Toronto but I didn’t think people actually believed what they were saying. It’s like any other place on Earth, there are good people and bad people. We just have a lot more people than a lot of places. That doesn’t mean we breed assholes.


Bath and Bodyworks, how I miss having you available on every street corner.

5. Your Choices Are Scrutinized

“Why would you ever move away from Toronto? You’ll save so much money living with your parents. And all the schooling you could ever want is right here. I’m never going to leave.”

6. Your Friends Stay Put

Luckily, my friends don’t feel the need to scrutenize my decisions. But that doesn’t mean they want to move away from home too. Let me tell you, long distance friendships are the worst.

7. Not As Many Night Life Options

I mean, I live in Montreal, so it’s not like I’m deprived. But if I had to choose one city to party in, Toronto would be it. I just like that they have every kind of bar, instead of one of the same bar over and over again.

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8. Cheap As Eff

Can we just talk about how cheap milk is in Toronto. Like, it is criminal.

9. Missing Diversity

It’s true what they say. Toronto has a super crazy culture. I honestly miss walking out from a subway station and feeling as though I have stepped into another world . Toronto is mismatched place, but it works and always keeps you on your toes.

10. You Can’t Get Out Of The Rhythm

Toronto has a style all it’s own. The people walk fast. The cars drive slow. And the constant hustle and bustle is just a way of life. It’s hard to shake the rhythm of a city when it’s totally bred into the way you walk. So it’s normal to stand out a bit when you strut to a different beat

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