Ladies, even though we want to be original and unique, deep down we all do the same things. Sometimes we can't help it, since the newest trends are always happening and we want to be on top of them. However, whether we like it or not, we're never the first ones to do it. Eventually trends catch fire and before you know it, everyone's doing it.

A Toronto basic is so much better than being a regular basic though. We're unique in the sense that we know what's up in The 6ix. We definitely know what's hot and what's not in the city and we're just all around great people.

So don't feel bad about being a Toronto basic. If you don't think you are one, here are ways to tell:

1.Shameless Blue Jay's baseball game selfies.

Gif cred - @yahoosports

We can't help it if we look cute in our Blue Jay's gear.

2.You count down the days until you can go to the CNE for some fried goodies.

Although who can resist deep fried oreas and chicken waffle on a stick?

3.You've documented your trip to Sweet Jesus.

Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all knew you went to that amazing haven. 

4.Your attached to your Wilfred scarf.

If we're not wearing this, assume something's wrong.

5.Your wardrobe has a black baseball hat and black ripped jeans.

Cute and stylish with every type of weather in Toronto. 

6.Hotline Bling was your favourite song for a while.

Even if it wasn't, you know you were shamelessly singing along to it.

7.You go into Sephora at least 3 times a week (possibly more).

Swatching Becca highlighters is one of my favourite hobbies as well.

8.You talk about The 6ix like you invented the word.

Who doesn't love this catchy phrase?

9.You've taken a selfie at Graffiti Alley.

That place was made for Instagram feeds and killer photos.

10.You're dying to go to OVO Fest.

You're lying if you say you don't want to party with the 6ix God. Will you ever do better than Drake?

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