I think we can all agree that, as Torontonians, there are certain traits that make us who we are. But what makes our handsome hometowners stand out? And how do they make our hotline bling?

The 6ix Gods are here, and we've got some tips on how to spot them.

Photo cred- Peace Collective (@peacecollective)

1. You’ll see him flaunting his Peace Collective apparel.

Because really, what is Toronto without our crewnecks? Whether it's a snapback or a sweater, you know he's repping #WeTheNorth.

Photo cred- Drake (@champagnepapi)

2. Quoting Drake lyrics in his Instagrams captions is almost essential / Drake is just everything.

"I've got real ones living past Kennedy Road" *insert photo with "his boys" on their Worst Behaviour*. His bio also likely includes "416" or "6ix" as his location.

Photo cred- Grace O'Malley's

3. You met him at Gracie’s.

The casual Thursday night out for the average Torontonian, guys and girls, but you will particularly catch your boy with his squad getting #turnt here, if you're lucky.

Photo cred- FistIntheAir

4. He answers his phone with “What are you saying tonight?”.

Toronto slang is something to get used to, especially when you're trying to have a normal conversation. But once you get in you can't get out, fam. Speaking of which..

Photo cred- Tumblr

5. Everyone is “fam”.

Everyone. Mom, dad, siblings, friends, even the girlfriend. Funny, but true reality of the Toronto boy. You'll also catch him using words like "styll", "mossin", and "ahlie" way more than others.

Photo cred- Official Issue XO (@officialissuexo)

6. He “knows the Weeknd”.

Or nah. Even if he doesn't, he likely "knows someone that does". Can we blame him for trying? Abel's the best.

Photo cred- imgur.com

7. You or your friends may have referred to him as a “fuckboy”.

Or at least one of his friends. Either way, we love this word in Toronto. It's the word for the mystery boys, and the ones who love and leave us (to be fair, there are "fuckgirls" too). Oh, Toronto.

Photo cred- Quinn Lopez (@qlopez)

8. He’s #Blessed and dresses #OnFleek.

Waaaaay Up.. he feels blessed. And probably looks it too, we love our Toronto hotties.

Photo cred- Giphy

9. He’s trying to “make it” by dropping a fire mixtape or becoming a DJ.

I'm sure you can search him on SoundCloud and hear his latest mixes, featuring some subtle Toronto references, or a Toronto skyline on his mixtape cover. Did you hear? It's?fire?.

Photo cred- XemSays

10. He’s probably hanging out in his crew.

Crew LoveThe squad is likely going up on a Tuesday in classic Makonnen fashion, in the city's entertainment district or Firkin on King. They'll hit up the hottest clubs to meet Toronto's ladies, so you'll find them looking "on point" and may even spot the your favourite local celebrity.. or find your perfect Toronto man ;)

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