The movie trailer for the sequel to 50 Shades of Grey was released yesterday, reigniting every woman's love for Christian Grey with it. He's powerful, confident and sexy; he's the definition of 'tall, dark and handsome.' Most women dream of meeting Mr. Grey, but what if I told you you could find your own here in Toronto?

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Yes, real life Mr. Grey's exist. They are the proper, silent types in public, but you know deep down they have a darker edge to them. Being with Mr. Grey is a major fantasy for some so maybe this list will help you spot your own Mr. Grey in Toronto. The best part - you can spot a Toronto Mr. Grey before you sleep with him and discover his Red Room. He may even be right around the next corner waiting for you. Read on to find out.

1. He is a take charge kind of guy.

You never have to worry about picking a place for dinner with Mr. Grey - he is ready to make decisions when you're indecisive. He has no problem with being dominant and taking charge of a situation. He's the kind of guy that will call you and say, "Be ready for 8, I have a reservation at Canoe for dinner." None of that "Where do you want to go? It's up to you babe" nonsense. Mr. Grey knows what he wants and goes after it, which is something to be admired in a man.

2. He treats you like royalty.

A real Mr. Grey would never ask you to hang out or just chill. He wants to sweep you off your feet and wine and dine you at some of Toronto's most romantic restaurants, simply because he's a gentleman. He will hold doors for you, respect you, shower you with compliments and give you his jacket when it's cold out. In Mr. Grey's eyes, you're a princess and he'll treat you as such.

3. He holds strong eye contact with you.

Mr. Grey isn't afraid of holding eye contact when he's having a conversation with you. It's like he's looking straight into your soul - it's haunting, but mesmerizing. Mr. Grey isn't the type of man to shy away when you catch him staring at you from across the room at Dineen. He's strong and confident and wants you to see that too.

4. He is always immaculately dressed.

A true Mr. Grey is always dressed to impressed. He's the kind of guy who pays attention to his personal appearance to ensure he's looking sharp at all times. His look is refined and classic, yet cool and modern - much like his taste in women. Whether it's a well pressed suit or worn jeans and a t-shirt, this guy looks good in everything and he knows it.

5. He is a thrill-seeker.

Mr. Grey loves the particular feeling of all things dangerous. He's an adrenaline junkie at heart and does things just for the thrill of it. He's addicted to the rush of excitement and danger. From driving fast cars down to sky diving to cliff jumping, a Toronto Mr. Grey is far from boring and he is always up for anything - including in the bedroom.

6. He's extremely confident in himself.

A true Mr. Grey exudes confidence. His "I want - I get" drive coupled with his "I don't care what other people think of me" attitude is extremely attractive. The power associated with decisiveness is a major turn on and there's just something so alluring about a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to take it. Confidence is the most endearing quality for anyone to have.

7. He is always composed.

A Mr. Grey never loses his temper. Even if he is completely furious on the inside, you would never be able to tell from the outside. He is always calm, cool and collected, regardless of the situation at hand. You won't ever see a Mr. Grey get aggressive, rowdy or rude in public settings - that isn't the kind of guy he is. Being the loud, obnoxious guy at Wildflower is not his style.

8. He's hard for you to read.

As per #7, this also makes Mr. Grey very difficult to read. Due to his constant composure, you never really know what he's thinking. He could be in the middle of a serious thought or he could just be thinking about getting pizza at Terroni later - you can never tell what's going on inside his head. Because of this, he always keeps you on your toes and plays mind games. But after all, Mr. Grey loves his games.

9. He gets jealous easily.

As perfect as Mr. Grey may seem, he has a minor fault in that he gets jealous easily. However, he only gets jealous because he adores you so much. Is he mildly possessive? Yes, but it comes from a good place. He really appreciates you and thus isn't afraid to stand up and say, "She's with me," which you actually kind of like. There is something darkly attractive about an envious boyfriend.

10. He's an unbelievably good kisser.

Kissing a Toronto Mr. Grey is like kissing a god. The kiss is perfect and you both can feel it; it's amazing and you kind of can't believe how good it is. It's the kind of kiss that makes you weak in the knees and dizzy. You can easily tell whether he's a Mr. Grey or a normal human being by his kiss. To be fair though, how to be a good kisser isn't something you can get instructions in - it just sort of happens.

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