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Toronto is a stunning Canadian metropolis but with being Canadian comes the dreaded change of the seasons. While the changing of seasons is usually stunning and gorgeous it is also really hard on the immune system. 1 in 1 Torontonians will fall victim to a cold or even worse, the flu*. What ups the risk of getting sick even more is being in such a large city, constantly surrounded by tons of people and being in very busy public spaces, not to mention the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives having such a stressful influence.

We may not be med school graduates or even med school dropouts but we have your back and we want to help you out, this year will be different. YOU WILL NOT GET SICK!

Don't Touch Anything, Anywhere, Ever

Seriously. Especially not on the TTC. If you get on the TTC and even so much as rub a bare elbow up against the rails it is game over during cold season. We know what you're thinking, 'it is disgusting year round' but especially as we head into the colder months and people think it is acceptable to wipe their snot or cough in their hand and then touch stuff. In fact, do not even touch other people, no hugs and certainly no hand holding & for the love of god definitely do not ever put your hands anywhere near your face or mouth.

Get lots of H2O

If you didn't already know your body is made up of a lot of water and we actually need to stay hydrated in order to pee flush toxins out of our system. Always drinking a lot of water is a great rule to live by but most importantly now, when trying to avoid getting sick. Trade in the tequila for some water and you can still enjoy some lemon on the side, Use your Imagination!

Get some hardcore ZZZ's

As if you needed an excuse to sleep in, 'But I think I'm getting siiiiiick.' Seriously, you should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep everynight so while we head into the cold months, treat yourself to 8 hours. Give your body that extra relaxation it needs to power your immune system, you deserve it. To get the best night of sleep possible power off all electronics, no we don't mean ditch your iPhone under your pillow- put it on 'Do Not Disturb' mode on the other side of your bedroom and sleep in complete darkness.

Don't be Gross, Wash

You should always be washing your hands but we know a lot of you pretend too and don't really so a) you're gross and b)change that, at least for cold season. Washing your hands makes sure that not only do you not get any germs on you but you don't give anyone else germs. Go to Shoppers Drug Mart right now and stalk up on hand sanitizer for any and all bags you carry anywhere with you. What are you waiting for? I said go! right now!

Dial Back The Partying

This is a tougher one and we know that it is a lot easier than it sounds but it is just for a little while. Drinking usually goes hand in hand with staying up late which we already pointed out you should not do and it also lowers your immune system. Alcohol lowers your immune system, smoking lowers your immune , any sort of drugs lower your immune system, Wow I am the fun police.

Sharing isn't Caring

Remember in preschool when they teach you that sharing is caring? Yeah well that is BS during the colder months. Do not share anything with anyone, even your most trusted confidante, they may be sick and not know it yet. Avoid sharing drinks, straws, pens, iPhones, cell phone chargers, we know it is tough but would you rather have a fully charged phone or a clean bill of health?

Get tea in you asap

Hit up one of the many Davids Tea locations across the city on your way to work or class and pick up one of their signature cold fighting teas. No, I'm serious they legitimately have a collection called 'Cold Fighting Teas' and they are nothing short of delicious. They offer both caffeinated and decaf options for those who prefer their tea before bed. A personal favourite is the organic, herbal tea 'Cold 911,' which is a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus. A most delicious way to fight off a cold.

Don't Eat Crap

Maybe don't go to Smoke's at 2am or buy street meat on your way home from work fatty. McDonalds is like the leading cause of illness in 100% of ill people, okay maybe I made that up but it's not a far cry and you know it. They always say that we are what we eat and while we don't know exactly who 'they' are we do know that they're right. Eat crap and you feel like crap, simple as that.

Don't be Lazy

Apparently exercise is good for you, who knew? Toronto offers a ton of ways to stay fit, yoga, hot yoga, boot camp, pilates, street walking, shopping on Queen St, etc so there is no excuse to not get up and get moving. We all try to avoid it but it will pay off in the long run, it's kind of like use it or lose it- Use your body before it doesn't even let you get out of bed.

Kool It On The Kissin'

We've already banned pretty much all fun if you want to avoid getting sick but there was one last pleasure we needed to steal from you and that is kissing. Kissing is the number one way to share germs with someone, I mean you are literally swapping spit. No we didn't say you couldn't do other things, just keep your tongue to yourself Fabio.

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