Toronto-- it's one of the busiest cities in the world, 'busy' being an idea of its own. But amidst the hustle and bustle, there is life. There is life that no other city can compare to because nothing beats the rush of rush hour on the TTC and the amount of basic Toronto cyatties lining up for hours at Sweet Jesus just for the perfect scoop of ice cream (and Instagram post).

Yeah, it might not sound ideal and something that you'd want to share with other people but girl do not worry about it. We all have habits, quirks and pleasures that we may not want to admit or say out loud but the thing about living in Toronto is that we can all relate.

So whether you'll admit to it or not, here are 10 things your average Toronto girl is guilty of:

1. Being suckers for falling on ice and in love at Nathans Phillips Square

The ice rink, the twinkling the lights, the music... It sounds cheesy and totally cliche but nonetheless, most Toronto girls can't help but enjoy a date at this romantic attraction with their baes during the freezing cold winter months.

2. Once we get off the train into Dundas station, it's intense hunting season for phone signal & reception

The good half hour on the body crammed subway was bad enough, but your girl needs to stay connected ASAP. We may look like we're frantically hunting for gold... but let's be real, in Toronto, connection is basically the same thing.

3. Scouting the Shoppers Drug Mart makeup aisle for sales on our favourite drug store products when we're on a budget

Even when the bank account is crying, your brows still have to look on fleek. And let's not forget about the bonus optimum points...

4. When we do have money, spending $15 on an Uber just to avoid the rush hour commutes on the TTC is worth it

It's bad, I know, but it's hot and crowded.. and honey, the inevitable fight for a seat on Yonge/Bloor is not cute.

5. And don't get me started on the 'misplacing' of paycheques 'lost' on the entire third floor of the Eaton Centre

Do not lie, we've all had to resist the urge from walking into that sale in Wilfred (only to fail and leave with yet another $75 scarf)

6. Finding ourselves in any of these restaurants solely for the 'gram

If it makes our feeds look #feedgoals, then we can panic about the bill later and focus on more important things... like which filter looks best.

7. Being literal safety hazards stopping in the middle of the Yonge/Dundas intersection to take another Instagram shot of the city in action

I'm sorry, but I wasn't kidding when I mentioned how important our Instagram feeds are. So on top of being broke, we may have angered a few drivers too.. but at least we made it past 11 likes!!!

8. Dropping whatever money we have left from payday on Sephora (refer to #5) so there go any plans of a Starbucks run anytime soon

What is money anymore when you know Sephora still exists? It's okay, that's what Tim Horton's is for, amirite?

9. We've all tried being a basic Toronto bitch

We've bought the clothes, winged our eyeliner and learned all the Toronto slang there is to know. Many have tried but unfortunately many have also failed. Sometimes the basic bitch life just isn't for everyone.

10. Whether we're single, taken or it's complicated, there is one thing for certain-- Justin Bieber and/Drake will always be your bae(s)

You may not have admitted it yet but you will always have a home court advantage here in the 6ix.

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