Everyday millions of people used the city’s world-class transit system to get from A to B. Navigating through Toronto's many forms of transport can be quite stressful - accidents hold traffic up, overpacked streetcar will leave you on the curb or the bus shows up HELLA late. Now that Pam Am pandemonium has taken over, we need to layout some TTC etiquette for our visitors and a friendly reminder to locals.

1.  Don't stand in the front! Shuffle down and let everyone enjoy the glory of public transit

2. Please carry you're enormous European summer backpacking bag in your hands.

3. Do not manspread! We're looking at you fellas. You ain't chillin' with da homies so sit like a gentleman.

Seriously though...

4. Don't share a seat with Casper. That mofo won't win you any friends on TTC.

5. Do share your food if you insist on making a buffet table... DAHH!!

6. Oh and if you're feeling right at home, go on and put your feet up on the seats.

7. You can catch a few Zzzz on your route, just make sure you're not snoring loudly with your mouth gapping wide open

Or, feel free to take up an entire row and get comfy

There's even an Instagram account dedicated to these sleepyheads

8. Don't bring your exotic pets along for the ride

Really though, don't. It's cute for like 5 seconds, but if you drop Penny the Python near me, I'll cut you.

9. Mmmm humm! Do mean mug anyone you see breaking our precious TTC rules

10. Lets not forget those alway friendly TTC operators. Please don't take a smoke break on my route home!

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