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When everybody is inside the club getting tipsy and you're just still outside like "what the fuck am I doing here?" you go through a series of thoughts, events and moments that will shape your waiting experience outside of the club.

There are just certain things that you can guarantee will happen while waiting outside of a Toronto club, some good and some bad.

You Will Be Approached By A Homeless Person

Maybe a homeless person, maybe a drunk mess that has run out of money, either way there will  be someone begging for money outside of any nightclub downtown.

Someone Will Hit On You

Generally you spend a good chunk of time planning for a night out and then getting ready for one, so this can be a welcome compliment.

You Will Contemplate Going Home

Chances are that it'll be pretty cold outside and depending on how long you have to wait you may have a couple debates with yourself about whether or not to just head home now, save the money, and get straight to some netflixin'

Someone Will Ask You For Something

Directions, a lighter, suggestions of where to eat post-drunk, someone is guaranteed to need some sort of something from you at some point outside the club.

You Will Think About Your Post-Night Out Meal

The best part of going out may just be the disgusting meal you get to eat at 2am and blame on intoxication so waiting in line is an optimal time to plan ahead.

Someone Will Take Your Picture/Ask You To Take Their Picture

Whenever there are good looking people or something even remotely exciting happening, such as standing in a line up there are cameras around. What is the point of getting dressed and leaving your house if not for a photo opp? #DoItForTheInsta.

You Will Consider Other Nearby Places You Could Go Instead

You and your friends will make suggestions of other nearby places that may not have line ups, you'll argue over whether or not it's worth it to get out of line and risk ending up at the end of another line and by the time you're ready to punch your friend in the face, you'll be waiting in line at the coat check , so it all works out.

You'll Worry About Your Pre-Game Buzz Wearing Off

Waiting outside in the cold can be dangerous for the buzz you worked hard to perfect at the pre-drink which can cause some serious night-out anxiety while in line to get into the club. You find yourself calculating approximate time until your next drink and how to maximize full potential. It's the most math you do, ever.

You Will See a Hot Mess

There is always at least five within eye sight of the Toronto night club that you are waiting to gain access to. It is just part of the nightlife scene, you just have to work hard to make sure that you aren't that hot mess.

You will Continue To Pre-Game (if you were smart and thought ahead)

If you are about maximizing full potential of the experience, you planned ahead and filled your "water" bottle with a little something extra to tie you over outside the club ;) you go glen coco, also can we get a sip?

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