Toronto was recently ranked the 2nd unhappiest city in Canada, following Vancouver. After reading this I thought to myself "What would make Torontonians skip down the street and wave hello to their neighbours?" Probably nothing. But maybe if Toronto implemented these 10 changes, then we would be more apt to a happy state.

1. New Streetcars And Subway Trains Run All Routes

Okay, they signed the deal for new subway trains back in 2009, and by 2010 they were all supposed to be in service. Five years later we’re still riding the retro trains on most routes. Let’s hope these are implemented before the new cars are considered retro too. As for the streetcars, they were announced in 2009, and the first ones went into service just last year. How many years do you think we’ll have to put up with them teasing us with the “test cars” driving down all the streets?

 2. Ban On TTC Fare Hikes

Shocking that the TTC is usually the reason for most Torontonians unhappiness, but how much higher can the fares go for the TTC? We try to be eco-friendly by taking public transportation instead of driving, yet you can own a Ferrari for the price you pay for a metropass every month.

Photo cred - markshoberg

3. NO Road Closures For The Entire Summer

Tis the season for just about every road in Toronto to be closed at some point or another. Whether it’s for a race of some sort, a festival, or construction. Seriously, what is the deal with all these inconvenient road closures? Shouldn’t there be some rule against how many times you can close a street in one season? And isn’t there a better place to hold an event than the middle of downtown on some of the busiest streets?

4. An End To Crappy Landlords And Overcharging For Rent

Yes, there are some laws around this already, but not enough to actually really protect Torontonians from their pain-in-the-ass landlords. Lets just say most landlords don’t appreciate a good tenant, because they know no matter how crappy their house, apartment, or closet they have for rent is, people will pay big bucks to live there.

5. The Toronto Maple Leafs Win The Cup

Every single year it’s the same saga, Leafs fans start the season with such optimism, only to have their heart shattered. When will the Leafs be making it anywhere near the playoffs?

6. No More Cigarette Littering

For all the non-smokers out there, the fact that smokers are now banned from smoking on patios is great, but if anything, it only makes the disgusting accumulation of cigarette butts on the ground double. How about we stop wasting money on  TTC fare inspectors and get people out on the streets fining people for something that matters.

7. Stop Talking About Rob Ford

We’re all tired of hearing it.


8. No Overcharging At Nightclubs

One bar charges $3 for a cocktail; the next charges $16 for the exact same thing. For the price of one night out in Toronto, you can own your own LCBO. Why are there no laws around how much you can charge someone to walk into a building, and buy themselves a drink?

9. Universities Close In Extreme Weather

Tornado? 50 feet of snow? Ice so bad you can’t even walk out of your door? Don’t worry, count on Toronto schools to still be open! Toronto students seriously get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting out of school when the weather is bad.

10. Cab Drivers Are Nice

Oh so you don't accept debit or visa even though it says right here on your window that you do? Yes sir, we realize we're only going 3 blocks but it's -40 out and we don't want to walk! Are you seriously kicking us out of the cab right now? Lets face it, cab drivers in Toronto are not that best people to deal with and everyone at some point has been kicked out of a cab because they weren't going far enough for the driver, or they didn't have cash on them.

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