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Cold is coming. Sorry for that psuedo-Game of Thrones joke, it just couldn't be helped. Overused GoT lines aside, the warm weather is long gone, and the cold is slowly beginning to creep into the city of Toronto. No big surprise there, because it happens every single year.

Along with the coming of the cold, Toronto and its many citizens also go through certain struggles every year. Cold weather changes things, but pretty much in the same way annually. Just for fun, we're going to point out a few, so at least you're mentally prepared when they inevitably happen.

Get your mind and body ready for the changes brought on by the cold. At the very least, it'll inspire you to plan your winter vacation to Cuba that much sooner.

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The Streetcar Becomes Your Saviour

During summer and spring, the street car gets a lot of hate. Not only are they filled to the brim almost all of the time, the city's streetcars also move at a snail's pace during rush hour, with plain old walking being the speedier choice. The cold changes all that. You'll see the streetcar as a glorious refuge from the harsh winter winds, and the collective body heat of passengers you once abhorred will become a welcome hug of warmth as soon as you walk on. Okay, so maybe warmth coupled with sweat and BO, but warmth nonetheless.

Park Chilling Is Obsolete

A sunny Sunday spent at Trinity Bellwoods Park is in the rearview mirror people. Hope you got all your park chilling in while you could and you're not experience any post-FOMO, because with the temperature drop, chilling in the park is no longer an option for you, your pals, and a bottle of wine. Depressing, yes. Heartwrenching, entirely. Something you're going to have to accept sooner or later, very much affirmative and unfortunate.

Function Supersedes Fashion

Torontonians, as hip, trendy, and stylish mother truckers, always look good. That statement is true across all seasons, but when the cold comes, being stylish loses its priority top spot in place of wearing clothes that actually keep you warm. Many find a way to look good while protecting themselves from the cold, though many just say "eff it" and look kinda bummy in layers of sweaters while staying toasty. Sorry, but your snappy outfit won't cut it in the cold, and wouldn't be seen underneath your giant jacket anyway.

Saying Goodbye To Cycling

A city full of cyclists slowly come to the grim realization that once the cold hits, biking around Toronto will no longer be a feasible mode of transportation. There are the hardcore folks who do go out into the bitter cold, casting off any reservation regarding self preservation simply because they can't let go of their bikes. Maybe that's because their hands are literally frozen onto the bike handles instead of determination. In any case, the rest of the city's biking population will all experience a day where they say "fvck it, it's too cold to bike." It is inevitable.


Toronto is inherently a cabbing city. The subway, streetcar, and bus networks help, but sometimes you need to get somewhere quickly, like a bar before a lineup starts forming outside. Still, in the sprawling metropolis of Toronto, you could walk forever when its warm out. Walking is not an option when the mecury levels lower. Your local bar just became a $7 cab ride rather than a 7 minute walk, simply because you cannot, and will not, deal with the cold more than you need to.

Photo cred - Stephen Gardiner

See Maple Leaf Swag Everywhere

Not that you won't see citizens wearing a Maple Leaf jersey or hat anytime of the year, but when the cold comes, TO raises the swag levels exponentially. Toques, scarves, shawls, mittens; all the gear of winter can be Leaf-ified, and they have been and will be worn. Not that anyone's complaining though, 'cuz we love our Leafs.

Having To Deal With Cute Couples In Ice Rinks

Even though its cold outside doesn't mean you can't have fun in the outdoors. Nathan Phillips Square always has an amazing (and free!) ice rink for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, overly adorable couples are welcome there too, and they have no qualms in being oh-so-cute while they skate and hold hands, showcasing their undying love to the world. We're not hating on love here, just the cliche of PDA on an ice rink. Its been done, and no one really wants to see it.

Live In Fear Of Winters Past

This winter won't be so bad right? That's what every Torontonian tells themselves, hoping that Jack Frost will lighten this year's load. Remember the ice blizzard of '99? Remember the never ending winter of 07-08? Remember last year's ice storm that took out the power it was so bad? Yeah, so do we, and we're going to pray every day that this year won't be as bad.

Pay For Coat Check ALWAYS

Sorry folks, but a sad reality of cold weather is paying that extra couple of bucks to stash away your coat into the bar/club's giant closet. The charge doesn't seem so bad a first, but over the course of the season, those dollars start racking up. You could be that scrub who brings in her/his coat into the venue, though good look making any form of moves while holding onto a 10-pound winter coat.

The Beaches Are Obsolete

Toronto has a solid selection of nearby beaches, which you always plan to go to when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, yet never actually make it to. As sad as it sounds, the cold squashes any of those plans before the notion of the beach even begins to form in your brain. On the upside, you never feel bad for not having the initiative to go to the beach, because you can't.

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