Everyone likes a good bitch and moan. Don’t pretend like you don’t do it. Torontonians complain more than most people I’ve met. And I mean some of it is valid, we had to put up with Rob Ford for God’s sake. However you never know what you have until it’s gone. Since leaving Toronto, there are some things I used to take for granted that I now miss immensely.

1. Nice Cab Drivers

I don’t know what it is about this city, but I have seldom had a bad experience with a cab driver. They’re always friendly, and more importantly, they take debit. Everywhere else I’ve been, the cabbies are normally rude, refuse you if they don’t like where you’re going and have no debit/credit machines. This is 2015 people, it should be a requirement.

2. You Get Everything Before The Rest Of Canada

Do you know how long we have to wait to get everything? You know how many Bath and Body Works there are in Montreal? ONE. Do you know how many you have? SIX. I rest my case.

Photo cred - minniepixel

3. Street Meat

I miss walking down on Queen West, and buying myself a nice greasy hot dog.

4. Wide Spread Transit

Everyone in Toronto loves to complain about the TTC. And while it does have its flaws, it does have some good points. Mostly the fact that you can pretty much get anywhere in the city via TTC. You turn your head, there’s a streetcar, bus or subway station. I miss being only five minutes away from transport, at all times.

5. Concerts

Why do performers only want to go to Toronto? Why? It’s SO unfair.

6. The BEST Summer Festivals

Yes, I am of the personal opinion that Toronto has the best Summer festivals. And the best part is you’ll have one almost every weekend. There’s Jazz Fest, Buskerfest, Veld, Taste, Pride and oh so much more.

7. Shopping Options

More specifically the Kind Exchange. Or any vintage shop in Kensington. You do not understand how lucky you are. The vintage shops in Toronto are better than anywhere else. Treasure it. Hold it close. Don’t let it go.

Photo cred - alpercugun

8. Lots Of Job Opportunities

I have so many friends who have the ability to switch from job to job as they please. Toronto is a city filled with materialism. And you need people to push goods when you have the demand for them, so the jobs just keep on coming and coming.

9. The World At Your Finger Tips

You never have to leave. This city is so big and so diverse you could live your whole life without leaving and be completely content.

10. Everyone Wants To Come Visit You

You can just sit back like a queen, and have your loyal friends come visit you. Everyone wants to visit Toronto. Lucky bastards.

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