The charm and loveliness of Russian women is recognized across the globe. They have the natural desire to look after themselves, they are amazing cooks and recognize the important of etiquette. All cultures have certain traditions they behave according to, who said we shouldn't learn from one another across the globe?

What is the difference between a Canadian and a Russian woman? Do they behave a different way? Do they have different habits? Here are 10 things you should learn from Russian women:

1. Dress to impress

Russian women don't have "lazy day" outfits. They always look forward to wearing a nice outfit everyday, without needing a special occasion to dress well. Don't wait for the weekend to put on those pair of heels or the sexy new dress you just got. There is no such thing as being "overdressed" for Russian women but if you're underdressed that could be a problem. Add some colourful items to your closet and always remember to accessorize!

2. Pamper yourself

A woman that cares about her personal appearance will always be more attractive. A Russian woman knows how to love herself, she will go for pamper sessions not to look good for others but to look go for herself. This doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money on make up at Sephora, but a lady's hygiene and personal appearance should always be on point .

3. Let them take care of you

Allow your significant other/date to look after you. Canadian women are all about being independent and there's nothing wrong with that. Let your partner take care of you and don't be scared to approach your man how to display signs of affection. Appreciate and encourage the attention you are a lady after all,  allow them to treat you like one.

4. Learn how to cook

Russian women love cooking, it's part of their culture.  Babushkas (grandmas) will teach their Russian girls how to cook up a storm in the kitchen, that is a huge bonus for many significant others. If your skills in the kitchen aren't that great, you can always learn by take a cooking class or looking up online recipes!

5. Respect the elderly

From a young age Russian women are taught to respect the elderly. Don't talk back to someone to the elderly and always take their advice into consideration because they know what is best. Offering a seat on public transportation should be an automatic gesture when you see someone that is older than you.

6. Be the host

Russian women love hosting dinners and having friends over in their homes. It's nice to go out here and there but it's more personal when you have company over. Enjoy a couple of drinks and catch up with your friends over a delicious dinner and show off your amazing cooking skills (refer to point 4)

7. Learn how to be generous

Russian women buy gifts for friends, significant others and family for no reason. Surprises are always pleasant and there's no need to wait for a birthday to give something. Found a 3 for 1 deal at bath and body works? Be generous and give one of those body washes to a friend.

8. Don't come empty handed

No one will go to someones house empty handed in the Russian culture. By bringing a little something, you're showing a sign of respect and appreciation for the invite. It's not hard to pick something up on your way to a friends house, grab a box of chocolate or a bottle of vodka.

9. Act like a lady

A Russian woman will always be on her best behavior in public. It's not cute to burp or swear in front of others, do it on your own time. Don't get sloppy drunk either, a classy lady should know how to control her alcohol.

10. Always have tea time

There are many benefits to drinking tea and that's why all Russian women drink it. Tea fights many diseases, builds a stronger immune system and helps weight loss.

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