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The leafs are like a religion in this city. The thing is that sometimes people move here from different, winning, NHL team hometowns or maybe they have been raised to love teams who haven't been losers since 1967, who knows. The bottom line is that there are people living in this city who do not root for the home team.

Living in Toronto while not being a Leafs fan isn't always easy. There are certain dirty looks you just get used to when rocking your Blackhawks hat to class or when you wear your Habs jersey to a bar. Certain things are bound to cross your mind on the daily grind of the streets of Toronto, littered with blue.

1. "I Hope I Don't Get Deported"

Can they do that?

2. "How Can I Use This To My Advantage?"

This guy had the right idea, poor girl.

3. "How Does The ACC Still Make Money ?"

That explains why they need to sell each slice of pizza for $18.

4. "Do People Still Wear Reimer Jerseys?"

Serious Q though.

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5. "What If I Marry a Leafs Fan? What Will Happen To Our Children?"

Which holidays will they celebrate?

6. "I'm Going To Make So Much Money This Season!"

Betting each one of your Leafs friends can make you a ton of cash! Trust me!

7. "I Can't Believe He's Wearing A Leafs Shirt Today"

Did he not see the game last night?

8. "Oh Friend, It's Just Time To Move On"

We get it, you embrace loyalty but you get a pass here bud. Move on, pick a winning team to love, no one will judge you.

9. "I Wonder If They Know Just How Long Ago 1967 Was"

FORTY EIGHT YEARS AGO! It's been 48 years people!!!

10. "Ahahahhahahahahahhahaha"

nuff' said.

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