Another awards season has come and gone. If you're like me, and Oscar night is the single most important event of your year, it can be sad to leave it all behind. However, this year, what if we just went on celebrating our favourite films of the year?

Let's give our favourite films of the year one last hurrah by celebrating them in our own city. For the purpose of this article, I compiled a list of date ideas based on some of this year's big Oscar winners. Some of them work well (jazz bar for La La Land) and others are a bit of a stretch (diner for Moonlight, anyone?), but hopefully at least one of these ideas can inspire you to create your very own Oscar-worthy date night.

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La La Land (Best Director, Best Actress, Best Original Song, Best Original Score, Best Cinematography, Best Best Production Design)

1. In La La Land, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) takes Mia (Emma Stone) to a jazz bar to try and show her what makes the genre so great. Toronto's very own The Rex Hotel is home to an incredible jazz bar. With live music every night of the week and cheap eats, what's there not to love?

2. Swap the Griffith Observatory for Toronto's own David Dunlap Observatory. The Richmond Hill institution offers drop in nights every week where you can sail into the stars just like Sebastian and Mia.

3. In true Old Hollywood fashion, La La Land includes a picturesque tap routine in front of Griffith Park. To try your hand  at it, sign up for a drop in tap dance class at City Dance Corps.

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Moonlight (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay)

4. In Moonlight, two pivotal scenes take place in a diner. Start your date off at Toronto's beloved Patrician Diner, an eatery with a laid-back vibe and great food.

5. Moonlight is a coming of age story about a young man struggling with his sexuality. The film has received a great deal of praise for its sensitive and honest portrayal of LGBTQ issues. In order to futher explore these topics, grab tickets to Toronto's Inside Out Festival, an 11-day long film festival dedicated to telling LGBTQ stories.

6. Some of the film's most poignant scenes take place at the beach. Grab some blankets, a picnic, and swap Cherry Beach for the Miami waterfront.

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Jungle Book (Best Visual Effects)

7. The Jungle Book took home the award for Best Visual Effects in last night's show, largely due to their life-like talking animals. If you or your S.O. is an animal lover, the Toronto Zoo is an amazing date spot where you can get up close and personal with Baloo and Bagheera.

8. Channel your inner Mowlgi at The Rock Oasis, an indoor rock climbing gym where you can pretend you're scaling the cliffs of the jungle.

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Arrival (Best Sound Mixing)

9. Arrival is a sci-fi film that tells the story of aliens arriving to earth. If the film made you question what might be really out ~there~, a visit to the University of Toronto Planetarium should be on the top of your to-do list. The planetarium regularly holds public shows which take you on a tour of the cosmos.

10. Whether you're a UFO skeptic or an extraterrestrial fanatic, the Alien Cosmic Expo is sure to be a unique and eye opening experience. Taking place in Toronto this June, the expo features guest speakers, exhibitors, events, and more.

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