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Despite its culture, refined urban class, and an obnoxious amount of Pizza Pizzas, Toronto is a city that's just waiting to be hacked. Everyone's aware of The PATH and has a friend that tries to make a couple quarters and nickels look like $3.00 on the streetcar, but that's old news. W Burger Bar and library cards are the future, so sit back, do some Drake hands, and read on.

Park (If You Must) On Ryerson U's Campus

Finding a park spot downtown can be nerve-wracking but Ryerson University's campus lots can help those torn by sports, shopping sprees, and personal vendettas with cabbies. The day maximums range from $13 to $16, but the flat evening rates go from $6 at the Campus Store Garage (300 Victoria Street) to $5 at the Pitman Hall Garage (160 Mutual Street) and Jarvis Street Lot (Mutual & Dundas).

Pre The Pre-Drink At Steam Whistle Brewing

With sports comes alcohol. With Toronto sports teams comes a drink tab from hell. If $15 pints don't lace up your skates then a short trip to Steam Whistle Brewing will do as a spontaneous pre-drink affair that provides a sample of their pilsner and a 6-12 pack for good measure. The microbrewery's guided tour runs every afternoon with the last tour starting at 5 p.m. (except on Sundays).

Feel 19 Again With W Burger Bar's Cheap Bar Shots

W Burger Bar at 10 College Street used to be a fairly casual spot, but now it's clear: it's a home base for the safety-first bingers. Their menu's one that shouldn't be overlooked - hell, their Manhattan and Electronic Lemonade are dropkicks in liquid form - and on any given night, the cost of their bar shots can equal the cost of their fountain sodas and tea.

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Take Advantage Of Yonge & Dundas Square's Freebies

This year alone, the downtown square has allowed brands and vendors to hand out free granola bars, energy drinks, knock-off wayfarers, pizza vouchers, travel mugs, water bottles, and various coupons that could make a grown yogi cry. The freebies are more so aimed towards tourists, but if you're from Parkdale, you're good.

Live, Breathe, And Die By Transit App

Patience isn't really a virtue that exists in Toronto and if you'd rather not try to cheat the streetcar driver by giving him random change instead of the full fare, then it's time to befriend Transit App. The App Store and Google Play are full of imitators, but the Montreal-based startup is a winner as it's simple design makes it easy to track down the 501 when you're bombed at 3:30am and need to sit.

Use The Canada Life Beacon To Get A Jump On The Weather

Chances are you've walked by it a million times, but the Canada Life Building at Queen & University actually sports a weather beacon that provides summarized weather forecasts via Environment Canada. How? By colour codes obviously. The top light can signal if it's going to stay clear, cloudy, or rainy while the white lights along the support tower can indicate if the temperature is going to dip or rise. Just beware if the top light flashes white (snow).

Take To The Air Like A Rap Star And Avoid YYZ

While Toronto Pearson International Airport is synonymous with non-stop domestic flights, it's not always willing to go easy on your wallet. Porter Airlines over at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport ("The Island Airport") can help with that. The YTZ has become one of Canada' busiest airports and rightfully so as it can save a couple bucks for central Canadian flights or trips to Boston, New York City, Myrtle Beach, and Chicago.

Enjoy The Cheap Seats At Market Square Cinema

Rainbow Cinemas is no secret yet it's often overlooked for being the semi-sketch theatre that may or may not be screening Avatar for the 107,289th time. Market Square's $9.50 adult ticket price is on the cheap side compared to Cineplex's $12.99 mark up but the $7 student and the $5 for all on Tuesdays makes going to the movies fun again. Seriously. Drag your friends. There's no need for CAM quality.

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Get Acquainted With Wine Rack's 11 p.m. Cut Off

Tired of sprinting to the nearest Beer Store just to wait in line behind a gaggle of homeless people? Embrace the Pinot Noir. Wine Racks are scattered across most of Toronto's major neighbourhoods and as most 20-something fashion students already know, they adhere to extended holiday hours and don't close shop until an hour before midnight.

Win At Everything & Get Free Entrance With A Toronto Public Library Card

Even though some of branches can transport you to 2004, the Toronto Public Library is a must for fiction, reference books, and a museum freebies. Owning a valid adult Toronto Public Library card allows you to take out a free pass for your family or a friend to visit cultural spots such as the Ontario Science Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Toronto Zoo.

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