Travelling for a student, or any of us really, can seem like a far, far away fairy tale. We spend so much time wanting to go on vacation, planning and giving up, and just knowing it's a great idea, but always think we're "too broke" or "too lazy to plan". Well, look no further, we're here to save the day. With our hacks you may find yourself in the sun sooner than you think. How good does a beach sound right now?..

1. Plan to book smart.

Pre-planning can happen as "late" as the day before. Ideally though, about a month to month and a half before your travel date is the best time to snag cheap prices. Keep in mind that Tuesdays are the best days to buy, while Thursdays are the best days to fly.

2. Open your mind to new destinations.

We know the British Virgin Islands is ideal, but sometimes your bank balance and your dreams don't match. Open your horizons up to new options that include more "all-inclusive" deals. Using websites like KAYAK and SKYSCANNER can give you the cheapest deals at even the hottest (literally) destinations.

3. Accept the concept of connecting flights.

It sucks, yeah, but waiting 2 hours at the airport can sometimes be the difference in a few hundred dollars off your flights. Naptime anyone? This can also mean the chance to add and see new cities on your trip, if only for a few hours or a single day.

4. Browse like a detective.

Turn off and delete your cookies. No, not those cookies. Private browsing while looking up flights and vacation packages actually prevents results of spiked flight prices. $500 versus $800 sounds better to me! Also make sure you search in CAD to prevent a nasty surprise on your Visa bill.

5. Don't spend where you don't have to.

Thank goodness for loyalty points. Whether using your own -- or asking your parents super nicely -- Aeroplan points or AirMiles save the day. You could be looking at a cost-free flight one way, or both ways, but either way you now have more cash to spend.

6. Avoid peak times.

Even by a week, this can make the biggest difference in price. Booking between September to November, or March to May even through private companies allows you to get the best deal to experience the most for your money.

7. Social media is your best friend.

On the islands is when you want to put your phone away, but while you're planning it can be your soulmate! Lurk social media to see if anyone else is travelling, ask around, and you'll see some deals come your way.

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