The bar bathroom is a place where friendships are made, drinks are split and make-up is reapplied.   You'll likely meet a few interesting characters while in the women's washroom, especially when last call is approaching and mascara is beginning to smear.

I have made a list of the 10 types of girls I have encountered while in bar bathrooms.  And sadly, I have been some of these girls at one time or another.

Do any of these stereotypes apply to you or your friends? Let us know!

1. Your New Best Friend

It was love at first sight.  She complimented your heels, and you reciprocated with an "I like your hair" comment. In that moment you knew you were destined to get belligerently drunk with one another and end your night with burritos.  The sparks were there, and the Instagram follow happened the next morning.  Congrats, you just gained a new gal pal.

Drink of Choice: She switches it up between vodka sodas and vodka crans, this is a smart girl that knows to stick to the same liquor.

2. The Crier

CAUTION: stay far away.  This girl either just broke up with her ex, lost all of her friends, or cracked her phone screen.  Although you may feel obligated to help a fellow drunk girl, be aware that you may end up spending your night in the bathroom with her while she cries into a wad of toilet paper.  You are a true hero if you have stuck it out with a crier.

Drink of Choice: Her own tears, and the occasional tequila shot.

3. The One Who Drank Too Much

Drink of Choice: This girl just dropped her phone in the toilet and stuffed it back into her Michael Kors like it was no big deal.  She probably has a red wine stain on her shirt, and a mix drink in hand.  She won't be in the bathroom for long because she needs to get back on the dance floor ASAP.

Drink of Choice: Anything that is over 40% alcohol.

4. The One Who Didn't Drink Enough

Also know as Mom.  She got a small buzz at the pregame, and probably has a shift at 9 AM tomorrow. She is most likely attempting to  round up her all friends and make sure they get home safely.  There is also a good chance that she has already made reservations for the hangover Brunch, and constantly greets her friends with "How much have you had to drink????".

Drink of Choice: One vodka cran, followed by multiple cups of water.

5. The Empowering Feminist

This is the girl who gave you the pep-talk you didn't even know you needed.  After listening to her give you 10 reasons why you don't need to worry about feeling bloated, you felt hot AF.  This girl is the true MVP.

Drink of Choice: Whiskey.

6. The Hoarder

Have you ever seen a girl bring a purse the size of a small child to a club? Well then, you have witnessed the hoarder.  She likely unpacked her belongings in the bathroom and is touching up her entire face of makeup, handing out hair elastics (because you know she brought extra) and putting on her emergency flats that she always keeps on hand.  This is a great girl to run into if you're in need of any products while at the club.

Drink of Choice: Whiskey Sour with 5 extra limes.

7. BFF Bathroom Hogs

These two are likely inseparable.  They are so close that they even share a bathroom stall.  You'll probably hear them dying from laughter or constantly telling one another "You're actually so pretty" while doing their business.  Once they are done they will bust out of that stall and head straight back to the bar for a refill.

Drink of Choice: Long Island Ice Tea

8. Puke-and-Rally Queen

This girl is a true champion.  She probably puked before the Uber ride, chugged a beer at the bar , and is now revisiting that beer in the bathroom.  Luckily you won't have to worry about her wanting to go home, she will be staying until last call and be ready for 3AM pizza once the lights come on.

Drink of Choice: Gin and Juice

9. Your Outfit Double

Oh, you also wore a black pencil skirt, black crop top and strappy heels? Interesting.  This girl could basically be your twin.  You probably exchanged an awkward smile as both of you realized how basic you truly are.  Realistically you both just know appropriate club attire.

Drink of Choice: Whatever you're drinking

10. The Thirsty Girl

This girl has seen some shit.  Her hair is likely in the "I gave up" topknot and her mascara is half way down her face.  She has now resorted to treating the washroom sink as her water fountain, and you're not really sure if she will recover from this.

Drink of Choice: Tap water

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