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The Toronto nightlife is pretty live (club going' up on a Tuesday? or something like that). Other than being a good time, the Toronto nightlife can also be pretty predictable, there are just certain things that you can guarantee will happen when you and your friends get together for a night out.

There will definitely be drinks, there will definitely be 2am munchies and there will definitely be a killer headache in the morning. There are also people that you are guaranteed to run into on the streets of Toronto, while waiting in line to get into the club - some you may be fond of and others may make you contemplate the existence of the human species.

The One Who Pre Gamed Too Hard

You've all been there so you shouldn't judge but for whatever reason you still do. The one person in line who started pre-gaming too early or took one too many tequila shots back at the house and is now highly unlikely to make it into the club but you just stand by and watch in gleeful horror as they give it their best shot.

The One Being Forced To Go Out

The party pooper, the debbie downer of the gang, the one who normally wouldn't be caught dead in a club but for one reason or another has been guilted into it for someones birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party. You made them attend and boy will they never let you forget it.

The One Wearing Something Stupid On Their Head

Dear people of the world who wear cat ear headbands or other stupid headpieces, I am no fashion stylist but here's a tip- Stop it. It's not hot it's barely cute for pre-schoolers. If you own a pair of these or any type of head accessory that is even remotely close to being this annoying, throw it out, asap.

The One Who Wants Special Treatment

The guys and girls of the club line who are most likely to be overheard saying "But like, we look so good" or "Can't we just give him like $5 to let us in?" The ones who never expected to have to wait in line to get into a packed downtown club on a weekend but only show up at 11:30 as if club line-ups are a new thing.

The One Who Didn't Dress Appropriately For The Weather

The girl who wore a tight dress without tights in the middle of January, The dude who wore a suit in the dead of summer, you know them well and you judge them silently.

The One Whose Feet Already Hurt

You're still in line, meaning you have yet to even enter the club, and there's always that one person who wore new shoes for the first time without wearing them in first and is already complaining of blisters and asking strangers for band-aids.

The One Celebrating Their Birthday Week

First of all, birthday weeks are not a thing and never were so you can calm down with your tiara and sash declaring otherwise. Everyone was born on one day and therefore gets one day/night to celebrate.

The One Who Thinks Their Shit Don't Stink

Just the worst. Macho dudes who try to infiltrate girls night or can't take a hint and ladies who think that it's okay for them to be super obnoxious because they're a little pretty and wearing a tight dress. You have to wonder if they sext themselves at the end of the night.

The One Snap Chatting/Taking Selfies

When you're waiting in line to get into the club there are not many things to do so it seems like optimal time to snap a couple selfies with your friends or to make an obnoxious Snap Chat Store- yaaay. 

The One That Wore Way Too Much Cologne/Perfume

Bro, cool it on the body spray and aww huuun, Juicy Couture perfume is so 5 years ago. The rule of thumb is that you shouldn't be able to smell anyone else in line unless they are within 2 people of you.

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