“I’m vegan and volunteer all the time, I can be selfish sometimes” - Torontonian Hero getting on the 501 Queen

Mirrors. Reflections of society are found all around us; films, music, law, food and yes, the TTC.

Considering yourself before others doesn’t make you a bad person. Whether you’ve just had a hard day at work, carrying a heavy bag or just innocently trying to get to your destination on time, there just can’t be enough seats for everyone. Without condemning or condoning, let’s explore that guilty universal, “I’m sitting down and they’re not” feeling we’ve all felt.

1. Gazing Out The Window

A mother gets on with that intimidating baby stroller and before you can say "Sweet baby mama" a sudden need to concentrate on everything happening outside the window comes over you. Oh, let me just count how many clouds are in the sky today.

2. Looking At Your Phone

You're practically searching for the 'Don't Feel Guilty' app.

3. Telepathically Telling Someone Else to Get Up

Trying to make eye contact with another passenger and blasting rays of you should get up chakra energies at them.

4. Headphones

Jamming to your tunes is a great way to look distracted. Too distracted to notice a small elderly person hanging from the safety strap. If only you could put headphones in your eyes.

5. The Next Time Promise

It's okay, you'll do it tomorrow, or Canada Day.

6. It's Too Late Now

There's no point in getting up now cause your stop is soon, just 27 stops away.

7. As Long As The Parent's Child Is Sitting

Children are precious, if they're safe then you've done your part already.

8. The Child Needs to Know The Truth

Life is hardcore and it's important to teach kids this reality. Stay standing, kid.

9. An Eye For An Eye

Whoever is standing wouldn't have got up for you. Natural selection is real.

10. I'm More Tired Than Them

Somehow you always think your day was longer and tougher than theirs.

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