January 1st was a momentous day in 2015 for many people, and it wasn’t because it was the first day of the New Year. Rather, it was significant because all 10 seasons of the iconic show Friends were officially made available to stream on Netflix in Canada and the US. Since then, North Americans had complete, unrestricted access to the hit TV sitcom in a gloriously commercial-free setting.

As with all enslaving devotions to television shows, it’s all fun and games until you finish the last episode and you’re left with a void in your soul that is just yearning to be filled. For Friends fanatics, there exists a possible solution to this plight; one that has been tenaciously endorsed ever since the show’s ending 11 years ago – a Friends movie.

A movie would be nice because we still have so many unanswered questions. Everyone is dying to know:

1. All the details of Ross and Rachel’s wedding

2. If Ross gets Rachel’s name right at the altar

3. If Chandler ends up changing his mail-to name on the TV guide

4. If everyone finally learns what Chandler actually does for a living

5. How the chick and duck are doing (or if they’re still alive)

6. Which of Monica and Chandler’s kids actually gets to go to college

7. If Joey will ever find his “lobster”

8. If Phoebe and Mike end up having kids of their own

9. If Phoebe will ever drop a mixtape

10. If Ross will ever drop a mixtape

11. If Ross and Rachel ever settled whether or not they were actually on a break

12. If Chandler and Monica still take bubble baths together

13. If Joey and Ross still take secret naps together

14. If Chandler no longer needs to refer to the diagram of the 7 erogenous zones

15. Who sits at the sofa at Central Perk now

16. Who lives at Monica’s apartment now

17. If Ugly Naked Guy is still ugly and naked

18. If Rachel still works the "Princess Leia in a gold bikini" look for Ross every now and then

19. If Phoebe still receives paychecks off of Ursula’s adult video career

20. If Ross was ever able to achieve true ‘Unagi’

21. If Monica is still the hostess for all their events

22. If Chandler finally knows how to smile in pictures

23. If Chandler and Joey can still guess what’s inside Monica and Rachel’s grocery bags

24. If the Holiday Armadillo still makes a yearly appearance during Hanukkah

25. If we will ever actually get to meet Gandalf

26. If Joey ever wins the Soapy he's always desired

27. How Gunther dealt with Ross and Rachel getting back together

28. If Ross ever learned to control his "sandwich anger"

29. If the Geller Cup is still a thing

30. What new sentimental objects Rachel has put in her shoebox of memories

31. If Janice ever makes unwanted surprise visits to Chandler

32. Who gets to be Rachel's maid of honour

33. If Monica still puts marshmellows in concentric circles

34. If Joey ends up growing old in the apartment above Chandler and Monica's garage

35. If Joey still carries a fork in his pocket

36. If Rachel still tries to steal cheesecakes from Mrs. Braverman

37. If Ross still tries to make his leather pants work

38. Their reactions when they re-watch Emma's 18th birthday video

39. If Ross ever wears his "Frankie Say Relax" t-shirt

40. If the girls still get together to chill in their wedding dresses

41. If Chandler still writes down all his jokes in a log book

42. If Monica still numbers the bottom of her mugs to keep track of them

43. If Rachel still walks around in her apartment naked singing "Love to Love You Baby"

44. If Monica still lets Phoebe play with her dollhouse

45. If Phoebe still pays tribute to a pubic hair

46. If the "Rossatron" nickname ever actually catches on

47.  What new outrageous things happens to Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives

48. If "Viva Las Gaygas" featuring Chandler's dad is still running

49. If Ross went through with his plan to propose to Rachel at the planetarium

50. How Pete's MMA career is going

51. If Ross still uses a Magic 8 Ball to make his important life decisions

52. If they still play "lightning rounds" to settle their bets

53. If Monica allowed Chandler to keep the ugly dog statue

54. If Joey still hosts secret Soap Opera roof parties (and still doesn't tell his friends)

55. If Joey ever switched his childhood tailor

56. If Chandler ever outgrew his sweater vest phase

57. If Chandler and Joey still do their secret handshake

58. If Ross ever decided to finish Rachel's 18 page letter (front and back)

59. If Phoebe ever learns to love Pottery Barn

60. If Chandler ever learns to love dogs

61. If Chandler still shapes Joey's eyebrows

62. If Phoebe still performs "Smelly Cat" around New York

63. If Ross still gets sugar highs from maple candy

64. If Richard became the eye doctor for Chandler and Monica's kids

65. Who became godparents for which kids

66. If Monica's vein is still alive

67. If every Thanksgiving involved Monica with her head in a turkey

68. If Rachel ever perfected her trifle

69. If Joey still raids Monica and Chandler's fridge every now and then

70. If Ross still obsessively takes "free" stuff from hotel rooms

71. If Chandler still boycotts Thanksgiving

72. If Ross ever still sees Marcel from time to time

73. If Ross ever figured out all of the 50 States

74. If Joey ever found out why it's called 'foosball'

75. If Joey ever found out about any kids he didn't know about

76. If Emma grew up with Rachel's old nose

77. If they still need to have two separate parties for Rachel's birthdays to accommodate her divorced parents

78. Exactly which guests get to use Monica's "fancy guest" towels

79. If Phoebe ever found out what her middle name was

80. How Chandler and Joey coped with the end of Baywatch 

81. How many more times they rented Die Hard (and if they ever got sick of it)

82. If Chandler still goes with Rachel to take his nails done

83. If Frank Jr. ever went back to refrigerator college

84. How things went when Chandler and Monica informed their kids that they're adopted

85. If Joey's French got any better

86. If Monica still makes them eat cookies over the sink

87. What romance novel is Rachel's new guilty pleasure

88. If Ross is still a grammar nazi

89. If the word "jellyfish" still makes Monica, Joey and Chandler cringe

90. If Phoebe still makes her own shoes

91. If Joey's "How you doin'" still works like a charm

92. If Phoebe still thinks her mother is a cat

93. If Chandler still likes to pretend he's a giant

94. Who becomes Joey's new agent after Estelle dies

95. If Joey still uses the "Europe Story" to pick up girls

96. If Ross still helps Joey practice for kissing scenes

97. If Phoebe and Joey still have secret meetings once a month to discuss the other friends

98. If we ever get to meet all the other people who were invited to their parties

99. If Chandler ever got his toe fixed

100. If they're still even friends at all.

Let’s face it – the realistic truth is that classics like Friends are perhaps better left alone to avert the chance of a sequel ruining the show’s carefully-constructed magic. But we can take comfort in knowing that as long as Friends is on Netflix, we’ll be there for them (‘cause they’re there for us too.)

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