It's back to school season, which means back to learning, back to class and back to trying to figure out how to do well with minimal effort. We all want good grades, and between mandatory classes, a part time job and sleep it's hard to put in effort for EVERY class.

Cue bird courses. These courses are easy, and will help boost your GPA especially if you're taking super hard classes for your program. University classes will always be hard, and we can't guarantee you'll get an A in any of these classes, but hopefully they'll be easier for you!

All reviews are from and are totally subjective. 

SOC 203 - Social Class and Inequality

This course traces the origins of social inequality and reflects on the various interpretations of social stratification. It is said to be relatively easy, just show up to lectures. Super easy midterm and final! 

PSY 105 - Perspectives in Psychology

Don't let the amount of reading fool you into thinking this course is super difficult. Midterms and exams are multiple choice. As an overview course, you'll learn a lot with minimal effort. Yay!

POL 128 - Politics and Film

Films often mirror society in both intentional and unintentional ways. Some are overtly political, some reflect changing values and some are made purely for entertainment. Does this intrigue you? If you have an interest in either of these subjects you will find the content interesting, and with only a couple assignments and an easy examine you will definitely leave this course with a high mark. 

PCS 182 - Life in the Milky Way Galaxy 

Astronomy classes are also super fun and easy. You're learning things you wouldn't normally learn about, and because it's such a random topic none of the topics are ever SUPER hard. Easy A! 

PCS 181 - Introduction to Astronomy 

This is another intro to Astronomy class. These classes are super easy and interesting, and you'll learn a lot of random facts that you can use to impress your friends or a date!

ECN 340 - Economics of Human Behaviour 

This course explores TONS of topics: religious behaviour and the afterlife, sexual behaviour, marriage and divorce, crime, mass hysteria and panics, suicide and dying, emotions, and the economics of sports. For a lot of knowledge and a simple course, this is your best bet. 

GEO 110 - The Physical Environment 

Themes in climatology, hydrology and geomorphology are examined in order to develop an understanding of how natural balances originate. People often compare this course to grade 9 geography. So if you passed that, this should be fine.  

MUS 505 - Popular Music and Culture

This course explores the development of North American, British and non-western popular music. If you have any interest in music, take this course for an easy A. All the profs are super great, and the assignments and tests are super easy and interesting. 

SOC 202 - Popular Culture

This is one of the most sought after courses at Ryerson. It's a super easy relevant. All the topics are really cool and relevant and the profs are all awesome. You'll enjoy going to class every week - and going to class results in good marks. 

GEO 793 - The Geography of Toronto

Learn about the city you live in! In this easy to follow geography class! You'' learn a lot, and geography is relatively easy to follow. Especially if you understand the city of Toronto. 

MUS 201 - Introduction to Classical Music

Music courses are generally fairly easy, especially if you have an interest in music. This is a good general music overview course about music history. You should definitely check this one out for an easy A. 

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