I think it's safe to say that everyone is looking for more success in life. Whether it be nailing a job interview, getting a promotion at work, or even branching out into your own business, there are ways you can be perceived as successful. It's bigger than just wearing a suit or having an impressive resume.

We can do so much with our body language that will present us as more successful. These tricks and tips will make you seem more confident which people will see as more qualified. Have the skills to get any job you want while also making people more interested in you!

So if you're looking for a way to own your careers next steps walk with confidence. Here are 11 body language secrets that will make you the next great success!

Have a firm handshake (but not too firm).

A good handshake is a sign of respect and though it's a brief moment, it can lead a lasting impression. A 2008 University of Iowa study found that in the case of job interviews, those who start with a strong handshake are more favourable than those with a weak one.

Don't slouch!

When sitting down, slouching can make you look distracted and bored. By slouching you make yourself smaller, looking less confident. If you keep your back straight, shoulders back and head held high you will appear more involved and look confident as hell.

Quit your fidgeting.

In a 2015 survey of hiring managers, 29% believed fidgeting as a body language faux pas when in the workplace. Since fidgeting makes you appear distracted it's probably best to leave those nervous habits at home.

Turn that frown upside down!

Failing to smile can indicate that you're cold and unwelcoming, especially in a new situation. Smiling actually triggers mirror neurones in who you're talking to making them smile back. Own the room by showing them your smile (at appropriate times of course) and don't be afraid to show them your pearly whites.

Make sure you are making eye contact.

When you don't look people in the eye it makes it seem like you have something to hide. By making eye contact you reaffirm that you're listening and displays your confidence (even if you're not). Just make sure you're not staring or that you forget to blink!

Don't cross your arms (and even your legs).

By crossing your arms and legs it can create a barrier between you and whomever you're talking to. Thought crossing your legs is not always closing yourself off, crossing your arms can be taken badly because it can seem rude to your co-worker. Make sure you're staying as open as possible!

Strike a power pose.

Nothing displays your confidence quite like a power pose. Keep your body open with a wide stance or lean back in your chair and keep your arms apart. People will read that you're more confident and therefore successful!

Nod but not too much!

While nodding can be seen as being attentive, nodding too much can be seen as being anxious for approval. Know that listening is a better idea then just nodding throughout a meeting.

Don't use super exaggerated gestures.

We all know someone who talks with their hands but over exaggerating your gestures can make you look dishonest. Speaking with open hands that expose your palms is a better option since it makes you seem like you have nothing to hide.

Mirror expressions and postures to connect.

When you're looking to connect and show agreement with someone, mirroring their actions can be a useful tool. By acting in a similar manner you will connect with who you're speaking with and make it seem like you have a lot in common (even if you don't).

Keep your voice down.

By keeping your voice in a lower pitch, you seem steady and unshakable. When you're voice wavers or moves to a higher pitch near the end of your sentence you become unsure and even seems like your seeking approval. Instead use an authoritative way of speaking, raising your pitch in the middle and dropping it back down to normal at the end of your sentence.

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