Whether your objective is to make new friends or keep a conversation afloat with a stranger at the bus stop, these conversation starters are guaranteed to trigger some opinions.

Here are 11 questions you can ask if you want to start a conversation with a Torontonian:

1. "Keeping up with the *Jays, Raptors, Leafs* lately?"

The Jays lost today, which means that the Raptors will win tonight. That’s how that works. 

2. "Crazy weather we're having, huh?"

Now you’ve given yourself the golden opportunity to tell an iteration of this classic joke: “One day I’m tanning, and the next day I’m shovelling the driveway!!!!!”, hahaha ha ha ha, you comedic genius, you.

3. "What’s your favourite song off Drake’s new album?"

If you’re not a Drake fan, first of all, shame on you. The answer is whichever one where he talks about Toronto the most. 

4. "Isn’t it crazy how many new condos are going up?"

And yet, so is the price of living in them.

5. "Are you going to go to *insert any Toronto event*?"

You are? Do you wanna hear a horrifying, TMI story about how I got food poisoning after Buskerfest last year? No? Are you going to Taste of the Danforth? Okay bye!

6. "Where would you live in Toronto if money was no object?"

Rosedale? Forest Hill? Bridle Path? Hogg’s Hollow? In the middle of Dundas Square? Inside of Union station? Underneath Sweet Jesus? Let your imagination run wild!

7. "Have you been to *insert trendy new restaurant*?"

Part of the Toronto culture is being a food enthusiast. Because if you don’t appreciate the high caliber of cuisine our city has to offer, how can you truly appreciate the city?

8. "Do you take the TTC or drive to work in the morning?"

A nicer way of phrasing: “do you take the TTC or are you an idiot?” Just kidding, TTC congestion sucks too. But our city’s gridlock is another story. This is a great question to ask if you ever want to engage in a really long and passionate conversation with an absolute stranger. 

9. "What's your ideal shopping spot, Yorkville or Queen Street?"

Their answer will tell you a lot about the individual.

10. Do you like Mexican food?

You do? Great! Now we can talk about fish tacos for 3 hours! 

11. "Did you see that awesome, viral Narcity article about how Toronto is the best city in the world? It was all over my Facebook today!"

This will definitely work. Thanks in advance. 

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