Working in the service industry is very hard since people can be very inconsiderate. We tend to forget that we're dealing with other humans and let's face it, people can be assholes.

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When you're working in fast food it's easy to become a punching bag for an angry customer. Whether you forgot their sauce, keep them waiting for fresh fries, or gave them diet coke opposed to regular, customers can either make or break your shift.

Yet people always underestimate the powers of a fast food worker. Why are we messing with people who are in control of our food? Here are 11 true horror stories told by some of the bravest workers we know.

1. Having a rough night?

"While working at a burger place, I was working the night shift. People were coming in after the club after midnight and around 1:30 am we got a girl who looked kind of sick. Before I knew it she started hurling on the counter. Talk about gross..."

2. Talk about a smashing good time.

"I came in for a 6 am shift groggy as heck, barely prepared for a regular shift. Two hours in and these two ladies walk it, they look like they just got back from a party. Sunglasses on both their faces and they looked more groggy than I did.

They walk up to the counter and order a singular Large Iced Capp. Pretty simple, I make it in thirty seconds.

This is where it gets weird. One of them takes the drink and sits down at a table. The other stays at the counter and just flat out drops her head on the counter and starts napping out. A co-worker who was on the floor went up and directed her to her friend who's now sitting alone drinking the iced Capp herself. So they're both sitting there and, we hear a crash. There's a shattered crack pipe on the floor next to them and they are oblivious to it.

We tell them to leave and they do but they don't really seem to know what's going on. The pipe gets cleaned up and everything goes back to normal. My guess is, those ladies spent the next couple days wondering how they lost their crack pipe."

3.  More sour than sweet.

"Me: "What kind of sauce, BBQ sweet and sour honey or hot mustard?"

Lady: *ignores me*

I tried again and the lady ignored me again. I kept repeating myself but she continued to ignore me again and again.

Lady: "Can I get some sauce?"

Me: *eyes rolled to the back of my head and I inhaled deeply*

Lady: "You shouldn't be serving the public."

4. Never eating from a salad bar ever again.

"I work at a shwarma place and it can get hot as hell in there. I've seen other employees drip sweat in the salad bar that we advertise as fresh."

5. The dark side of UberEats.

"In our restaurant, we really only get busy during lunch time but when lunch hits it gets really packed. Customers line up out the door, tables fill and uber drivers fly in and out. I've experienced some fantastic uber drivers in my time there, this day I had to teach someone a little something about manors.

Most uber drivers that come through our place have zero patience. This guy came in and his order literally came up five seconds before he talked to me. He expected the food to be ready right that second so I calmly explained that it just came up and there were a few orders ahead of his. I told him five minutes and it'll be ready. I'm quick at my job, I literally meant five minutes but he couldn't spare that time apparently. He shouts at me with a couple dozen customers watching "Are you fucking kidding me? You can go fuck yourself, I'm cancelling the order!" I do not get paid enough to sit back and let someone tell me to go fuck myself. I told him "Alright dude if you wanna play that way!" and told my coworker to cover me for a minute. I walked up to the tablet that had his full name, vehicle,

I'm quick at my job, I literally meant five minutes but he couldn't spare that time apparently. He shouts at me with a couple dozen customers watching "Are you f*cking kidding me? You can go f*ck yourself, I'm cancelling the order!" I do not get paid enough to sit back and let someone tell me to go f*ck myself. I told him "Alright dude if you wanna play that way!" and told my coworker to cover me for a minute. I walked up to the tablet that had his full name, vehicle,

I walked up to the tablet that had his full name, vehicle, a picture of him, and all the details of the order he was picking up. I wrote it all down, went back and finished the lunch rush before calling Uber support and my district manager to relay the entire story. District manager came up to me the next morning and said he has been banned from ever doing an uber pickup within a ten block radius of our store."

6. Sounds like an interesting shift.

"I worked at McDonald's on the east side of town and a Russian guy and some thug guy got into a fight. The thug guy got told his Mom was the product of Vladimir Putin and Satan having a love child. That really made the shift unsettling.

I also once found a fake nail stuck to the table in gum that had been hardened."

7. Don't piss off Tim's workers.

"I've worked at Tim Hortons in 2 different cities: one in Montréal, and the other, here, in Toronto. I've had many interesting experiences working at both, but Toronto takes the cake as one of the worst. At my location, there are a lot of characters that come in and enjoy yelling at us from behind the counter.

Some of us grab at the chance at revenge by spitting in coffee cups (especially the gross loogey ones), using dirty lids that have cracks and will clearly break and spill all over you in a matter of seconds, or use tea bags that have fallen on the floor and have been smothered by our dirty and sweaty shoes for their tea, as well as putting salt into people's cups instead of sugar. Some people even go as at as blowing their noses and using that same napkin to give to the customer hiding behind a clean one(Some customers like to give their change in their dirty napkins/tissues as well. Not a nice site to see others excrements all over your hands during a rush at the drive thru!) There are a lot of bad things that have been done by workers, to the customers, but they happen to us as well.

Once, a man called me a racist, Barbie that's a 'no good whore' and proceeded to take his sandwich apart (piece by piece) and throw it at my face, repeating his prior statement over and over again, asking me to beat him, claiming it turns him on to see a 'fake, racist, bimbo get angry and aggressive'. I have also had a man whip a +80lbs machine at me for not giving him free food and drinks because 'it's my duty as Gods daughter'. The shenanigans that you have to endure as a food worker is horrendous. Most of it could be labelled illegal (or borderline psychotic) but, they happen, what can we do? All I have to say is that if you plan on pissing off

All I have to say is that if you plan on pissing off a Tim's Employee? Don't. Or you could be reading about one of your experiences here."

8. How does this even happen at Subway?

"Working at Subway we're obviously known for making sandwiches. One day our boss made a mistake in our ordering and we ended up with no bread. All I can say is that I got yelled at by a lot of employees."

9. Every restaurant has a George.

"We used to have a guy who worked overnights at this store. He was super hard working, really nice dude to have a conversation with, he even came in on nights he wasn't scheduled just to say hi and see if things were running smoothly. Let's call this guy, George.  

One night George came in and it was busier than it usually is at 11 pm. He realized we were a bit spread thin with massive lines at the drive thru and the front counter. So he came behind and started helping us make the orders.

We get everyone out and my shift is over so I punch out and leave. George was still behind the counter when I left. I came in the next day and was told that 800 dollars had been taken from one of the registers. George was fired that evening. George was also caught taking intravenous drugs in the store bathroom." 

10. This sounds like the worst boss ever...

"When I was first hired I was told that there was a high turnover, I was completely determined to be there for a long while. My first manager, was out of a dream, really nice, considerate and was just all around great. We were bought out, and we're no longer corporate, and our manager had left to go run another company. We got stuck with a whole hot mess of a manager. She changed everything on a whim, never had staff meetings to discuss these changes, so there were staff members who had no clue what was going on.

It got to the point where everyone left but me and three cooks from when I started. At one point two cooks got into a whole brawl. Basically, it got to the point where I was one of two competent staff, and I was expected to work doubles on Saturday and Sunday by myself, meaning I closed Friday, opened Saturday closed Saturday, opened Sunday, closed Sunday. Most of the time without anyone to cover breaks, so I would close the store for half an hour so the cook and myself could have a break that we were legally entitled to.

This manager was honestly just so rude and had such a complex that I couldn't continue working there. So, on a day I was working a double, I left during my break to go to another interview, came back from the interview and gave my two weeks notice. She then went back to the kitchen and started to talk to another cook (who was consistently and constantly late, not even by ten minutes but by hours), talking about how she was going to fire me on Friday, which is technically against the law given that I'd given her my two weeks notice... that day I booked a ticket to Montreal and didn't show up for the 18 hours that she had me scheduled for the next week.

There were plenty of payroll issues, where folks were waiting for paycheques or weren't informed we would be getting paid by cheque. So they were waiting like 10 days for cheques to clear."

11. Flash flood at McDonald's?

"Once while I was a manager at McDonald's we had a particularly busy night with a lot of drunk teenagers coming in. After things eventually slowed down and we didn't need to be spending a lot of time up front.

As we were cleaning up the kitchen from the rush we noticed that the floor was wet, which was surprising. After investigating and following the water we found that some drunk teenager had smashed in a toilet in the bathroom.

Not only was that super annoying, it was disgusting to have wet feet because of toilet water."

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