Nighttime strolls during the summer months are the absolute best. As the heat rolls in, get ready to walk around with your bae (friends and/or dogs included). Instead of going to your usual spot, explore somewhere new this summer!

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Here are some places in and around the city to take a nighttime stroll at...

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Cherry Beach

If you're looking for a peaceful walk after a long day to calm you down, come to this lakeside park for a night of ease and tranquility. Even when it's overcast, this beach has captivating scenery.

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High Park

Toronto isn't all concrete! Take a walk in this beautiful municipal park that has room for both sporting activities and casual affairs.

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Riverdale Park

Walk along Broadview Ave. to catch the entire skyline at this park either at sunset or when the sky is dark with all the lights shining bright in the city.

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Toronto Music Garden

Head to this garden to escape to a stunning natural oasis. With heaping willow trees and amazing flowers throughout, you'll be in awe.

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Cumberland Street

If you prefer a concrete jungle vibe, Yorkville is always a nice option for an evening stroll.

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Queen's Quay

With many Waterfront Trails to choose from, Harbourfront has kilometres to stroll along.


Scarborough Bluffs

It's a classic summer hike destination. With an elevated meadow for views of the bluffs,  you'll want to come back here more than once in the summer.

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Sunnyside Beach Park

Another beach spot for you to explore in the evening! Located in the West end of the city on the shore, it's a popular spot to cool off and relax at in the summer.

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Lakefront Promenade at Marilyn Bell Park

A great place to walk for peace and quiet. This park is a bit rocky, so wear appropriate shoes for your stroll!

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Edwards Gardens

This botanical garden located on the southwest corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue East is a sight to see. Get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and explore.

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Palmerston Blvd

Sometimes you just need a beautiful street to walk down at night. Palmerston Blvd is said to be one of the nicest in the city for just that-- taking a stroll!

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Polson Pier

For the best city skyline view, you have to come here.

Let us know where you want to take a walk first. COMMENT BELOW!

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