Yes, we are bragging.  But Toronto gives us so many reasons to be proud of our city.

We live in a city that is constantly changing, growing and improving.  In the last year alone we have had some pretty huge accomplishments.  We were the first city in Canada to host an entire month dedicated to Pride, and most recently we have opened up our Airbnbs to Syrian refugees.

If you're looking for 11 more reasons to fall in love with the city, this is the list for you. 


1.  Pride Celebrations

Toronto recently celebrated it's first ever pride month, which consisted of 30 days dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ community!  We also host one of the largest pride parades in North America.

2. Skyline Views

These have to be the views Drake was talking about.  Our city looks beautiful from pretty much every angle, whether it's the east end view, the island view, or the New Toronto waterfront view, they are all incredible!

3. Local Designers

Toronto is full of so many creative minds, especially when it comes to the fashion industry.  Toronto is home to October's Very Own, The Peace Collective Untitled&Co and many more!


4. Sports Teams

Yes, I'm aware that not all Toronto sports teams are incredible.  But even if we are not winning, our fan bases are a force to be reckoned with.


5. Street Style

I swear every time I walk down King West I feel like an actual piece of garbage.  Toronto takes street style to a whole new level, in any all types of weather conditions.  Between the numerous fashion bloggers, Instagramers and young professionals all around the city, you're bound to have a lot of closet envy.


6. Food/Drink Festivals

Summerlicious, Taco Fest, Mac and Cheese Fest, Gourmet Food and Wine show, Beer fest, Wine and Spirits Festival, the list goes on.  You won't need to worry about going hungry in Toronto.


7. Patio Season

Patio season is fucking ridiculous in the city.  Torontonians live for rooftop patios and pools, and will basically do anything for sangria or a boozy slushie.


8. Photo Opps

GTA Instagramers come to the city to shoot for a reason, our city is easily the most photogenic in Canada. Between incredible skyline views, graffiti ally, and the Scarborough bluffs, its hard to find a place with more diversity for photo opportunities.


9. Nightlife

If you're looking to party, Toronto is your destination.  The city has so many different types of bars that will cater to all budgets and sought after atmospheres.   The city is also home to multiple after hours clubs, and day drinking pool bars, so you're night out can be a 24 hour event.


10. Celebrating Diversity

Toronto is known to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  Half of Toronto's population (1,237,720) were born outside of Canada, and as a whole we have created a beautiful and accepting city!


11.  Neighbourhood Pride

Toronto is made up of multiple unique neighborhoods.  Whether you're from The East End, The Annex, Yorkville, Parkdale, or the Junction you definitely have a large sense of pride associated to where you call home.


12. The GTA

Aside from having one amazing city, we also have some incredible spots surrounding it.  The GTA is an awesome community of different towns and cities, that all have a lot to offer.



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