Ontario is a great place to live in. Although it doesn't have the luxury of being by a coastline, it is still beautiful and vibrant in its own ways. Whether you're looking for the hustle and bustle of a big city or the peace and quiet of a rural retreat, Ontario's got it all.

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Here are 11 reasons why Ontario is the best province ever:

1. Its backyard is comprised of over a hundred spectacular provincial and national parks.

Breathe in the purest air you've ever inhaled and watch the stars glimmer in the clearest skies you've ever seen.

2. It has produced several inventions and seen game-changing discoveries within its borders that are now commonplace in modern society, and continues to be a frontrunner in innovation.

The telephone, basketball, the first incandescent light bulb and insulin were all invented in Ontario.

3. It has some surreal natural features that will take your breath away.

True story. See for yourself.

4. It has brought forth several individuals that went on to change the world and continues to harbour brilliant minds.

Ontario's produced game-changing talents like Dr. Banting and Dr. Best (inventors of insulin), Dr. Roberta Bondar (first Canadian female astronaut), and Dr. Wilbur Franks (inventor of the space suit).

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5. It's also brimming with artistic and athletic talents, giving the world some of its most inspiring stars.

Stars like Rachel McAdams (St. Thomas), Ryan Gosling (London), Jim Carrey (Newmarket), Drake (Toronto), Avril Lavigne (Napanee), Shania Twain (Windsor), Wayne Gretzky (Brantford) and Milos Raonic (Thornill) all hail from Ontario.

6. Its universities rank among some of the best in North America (and in the world).

UofT (19), McMaster (94), UWaterloo (179), UofOttawa (top 200s), Western (top 200s), Queen's (top 200s), YorkU (top 300s), Guelph (top 300s) and Carleton (top 500s) all placed in the World Rankings for 2015/16.

7. It has pretty much all the resources it could possibly need to be self-sufficient.

Ontario's got solid forestry and mining industries in the North, as well as several manufacturing industries in the South. It's also Canada's largest producer of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products. We're good.

8. It's home to several amazing cities that always have something new and interesting to offer.

Some notable mentions include Toronto for its food scene, Waterloo for its tech savvy, Ottawa for its business prominence and Hamilton for its natural wonders.

9. It's wine industry is top notch, from its vineyards to its wineries.

In other words, Ontario is perfect for a blood mouth.

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10. It has one of the best health insurance programs in the world.

OHIP for the win.

11. It's a great place to call home.

Whether you actually live there or not, you'll feel right at home in Ontario.

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