Let’s be real, winter in the city kind of blows. So when hot weather hits, it’s a pretty big deal for a lot of reasons. From food festivals to a 6 storey tall inflatable duck, Toronto summers are full of surprises that you should get involved in! 

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So let’s talk about the 11 reasons why even if the subway can get pretty sweaty, summer in Toronto is still the best season of the year. 

1. The Toronto Islands become a thing again.

If you don’t actually live on the island you are part of the rest of the general population that forgets it exists until it starts to get hot out. When summer hits suddenly a ferry ride to Centreville for a day of biking and beach hopping becomes a staple activity throughout the warmer months.

2. You can eat ice cream without freezing from the inside out.

Yes, you can finally get an ice cream sandwich from Bang Bang and not have your hand freeze off trying to hold it in the middle of a snow storm! With the amount of awesome ice cream shacks across Toronto, the warmer months make it a lot easier to check them all out.

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3. Sundays at Kensington are just better. 

Kensington Sundays in the winter are pretty much just squishing into whatever store or café there is that has good heating. In the summer though, it’s so much easier to just walk around the area and actually appreciate how cool the neighbourhood is.. with a paleta in hand from Seven Lives (are we seeing a trend here?)

4. #PatioSZN becomes a way of life.

Patio season alone could serve as the only reason why Toronto summers are better than winter but let’s talk about why. From The Porch to Gusto 101, you can find sick rooftops for your Instagram and feed your sangria obsession while working on a killer tan.

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5. Hearing your favourite music lakeside at the Budweiser Stage.

Concerts are awesome wherever they’re held, but there’s something about summer concerts at the Budweiser Stage that puts the event in a different league. Whether you scored front row seats or you’re sitting on the lawn with a huge group of friends, the outdoor atmosphere and vibe of the venue makes every seat a good one.

6. Getting your tan on at The Beaches. 

Don’t have a cottage in Muskoka? No need! Sugar Beach gives you the weekend vacation you want without breaking the bank, and those pink umbrellas give a killer aesthetic for your Instagram photos.

7. "Way-Homies" rejoice! 

Though most of the bigger festivals pop up outside of the city, Toronto has made a name for itself when it comes to the summer festival season. From NXNE to TURF, there’s options in the city for everyone’s music taste!

8. Picnics in the park. 

Summer is the perfect time to gather your best friends or take a date over to Trinity Bellwoods and relax, have a picnic or crack open a cold one thanks to the recent lift of the park alcohol ban!  

9. Capping off the summer at the Ex. 

A trip to the Ex is a city staple, and a sure-fire way to end your summer with a bang. From the carnival games and rides to the crazy foods being offered, every year is set to be an exciting one.

10. Channeling your inner foodie at city food fests. 

With the rise of food themed festivals in the city, you are bound to have a few to check off your list this summer. From the Taco Fest to Food Truck Festival, there is a variety of different options where you can experience some of the city's culinary highlights. 

11. Getting your cardio on at the Scarborough Bluffs.  

The Bluffs are beautiful year round but the warmer weather makes the hike a lot more bearable! So this summer make the drive to take in the scenery, get that workout in and even get a killer pic for Instagram, because you're a multi-tasker. 

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