Photo cred - Dominic Bugatto

Downtown Toronto is seriously crawling with people and there’s no way to avoid them. It’s definitely a pedestrian’s palace and walkers have absolutely no regard for vehicles, traffic signs, or other pedestrians. It’s every man for himself because of the 10 reasons why the Toronto pedestrian is always right.

1. You have a car

We're stuck walking everywhere while you've got the privilege of four wheels and air-conditioning or heating. Our pain trumps yours, sorry.

2. The TTC is down again

Chances are: we're in a bad mood. To compensate for the inevitable delays of public transit, we always have to leave 15 minutes early, only to have the TTC be shut down by another signal outage/gas leak/stabbing, leaving us with no time left to get where we need to go.

3. We’re running late

No matter how early we get up, there’s never enough time in the day, so we fast walk and don’t look twice for others because we have places to be.

Photo cred - Dominic Bugatto

4. Traffic lights and signs are suggestions to us

We see that the stop hand is flashing and we have 5 seconds left and are nowhere near crossing the road, but all that means is I have to speed walk.

5. Paint on the roads are also just guidelines

Especially when they start to fade or peel – how are we to know!?

6. If there’s no one there, is it really jaywalking?

Not to pedestrians!

7. We are not dressed for the weather

In a city where it could be 10 degrees one day, and snowing the next, we’re almost never ready. Any more time spent outside means hypothermia, excessive sweating, or being drenched in the rain.

8. Our feet are killing us

Here in the 6ix, you’ve gotta dress to impress, and that means suffering for fashion and beautiful shoes.

Photo cred - sevres babylone

9. We’re carrying a lot of stuff

Groceries, luggage, giant bags, school books – it’s too heavy and we need to get where we’re going so we can put it down.

10. It’s not our fault we don’t have blinkers or lights

Just because you don’t know where we intend to walk doesn’t mean I’m the bad guy – I’m not a car and I can’t signal that I’m turning right.

11. We’re students and we don’t care.

We’re in the middle of finals and if you hit us, you’d be doing us a favour: getting out of exams, and paying for my tuition thanks to that lawsuit.

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