Witty, smart and handsome are all traits that come to my mind when I think of Toronto guys. Some would argue that the boys from UofT, Ryerson or York would be some of the finest in the city but the girls of Humber know our guys are where it's at!

Humber guys just know what we want. Whether it's their amazing style, wicket talent or the fact they take us on amazing dates, it's easy to understand why we all fall head over heels for these dudes.

Whether you've dated one, know one, or want one, here is why you need to date a Humber guy.

1. Humber guys are open-minded and accepting.

Humber College not only promotes diversity and acceptance, the students live it. As one of the largest colleges in Canada, Humber hosts people from all backgrounds. With gender neutral washrooms, aboriginal resources, and over 4,000 international students, Humber guys are the most accepting fellas we know.

2. Humber guys crush the sports scene.

Not all ladies like men in sports but for those who do Humber athletes are the cream of the crop. Playing for first school with over 500 OCAA gold medals, they're more than likely to be in the major leagues soon.

3. Humber guys are downright hilarious.

Having a comedy program has its perks! Humber guys will make you swoon with their amazing sense of humour. If you date a Humber guy he's more than likely going to make your friends and family love him with his killer jokes.

4. Humber guys are transit savvy.

Going to a commuter school your man would have to know a thing or two about the TTC. Dating a Humber guy will benefit you whenever you need to venture outside downtown Toronto.

5.  Humber guys stand out in a crowd.

If your man is from Humber he is one of over 20,000 students. That being said, he knows that being unique is one of the best qualities to separate himself from the rest. If you're looking for a trend setter with an individual personality look for a Humber guy.

6. Humber guys know the non-traditional date spots.

Since he's not always downtown a Humber guy will take you to date spots you've never been to before. Whether it be morning coffee at Tatsu's, a burger at Woody's, or a walk through the Arboretum he's sure to take you on a memorable date.

7. Humber guys know when to be serious.

Even though they are the some of the funniest guys around, they also know when to take things seriously. Dealing with tight deadlines and hectic schedules have made Humber boys understanding.

8. Humber guys are party masters.

Once the stress is over these fella's will party till' the break of dawn. If you need someone to dance the night away with you, you know where to find them.

9. Humber guys have great style.

Not only do we have a fashion program, we have guys who value fashion sense. It is nice to see men who want to look good for themselves, and damn do they look good doing it!

10. Humber guys become crazy successful.

Don't believe me? George Stroumboulopoulos, Kevin McDonald, Ben Bowen, Andres Arango, Adam Copeland a.k.a Edge, Darren Barrett and Nathan Fielder. That's what I thought.

11. Humber guys are Toronto's finest.

Sure they're really from Etobicoke but who cares when they're the best men in the city?

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