In a city as big as Toronto, the dating game comes with many hits and misses. You’ll come to realize that as people come and go in your life, there’s usually no need to worry because a big city also means there’s tons of fish in the sea. Granted, this could also mean that there’s tons to potentially miss.

Toronto girls are a clear catch. Find the right one and you straight up have wifey material on your hands. But we understand that it can be a little difficult to tell the difference between whether she sees you as a friend, bf, or fwb. So here are a few indications that will help you take a hint.

1. When you planned a night out in Yorkville, and she still turned down dinner.

Chicks from the 6ix ain’t gonna say no to a date out in Yorkville. That’s like, the goal. This one can get pretty rough because everyone knows that if you’re planning a date in Yorkville, chances are you’ve been saving that cash money for a special occasion. So if she seriously says no to your plans in the heart of Toronto, chances are she doesn’t want your heart either.

2. When she acts standoffish but you’ll catch her at Gracie’s.

Classic indicator of “I’m not ready for a relationship” behaviour. If she’s MIA most of the time, with the exception of your Thursday-Saturday night run-ins, she’s definitely living the “girl, you do you” single life… unfortunately, this doesn’t involve doing you.

3. When she complains about distance—but the TTC is everywhere tho...

If you both live in Toronto, trust, distance is not a valid excuse. You literally live in a city where your house is accessible through maybe a minimum of three subway stations. So even if you live way out in a place like, North York—you can barely call it a mission to reach the downtown core.

4. When she doesn’t accept your friend requests/ ignores social media posts.

Toronto never ceases to remain a bumpin’ city, and you can see that through a quick scroll on Instagram. Pics from the Ex, pics by the Toronto skyline… chances are she’s scrolling through social media at least twice in the past half hour. Sorry to say, but if she’s not liking your shit, it’s a clear cut statement she probably doesn’t give one either.

5. When she says she’s “not a fan of walking around the city.”

Toronto’s landscape is straight up a site for sore eyes. Easiest thing to do on a first date—go for a walk in the downtown core. You’ll pass an array of funny bars, funny people, towering buildings… the list goes on and on. So if she says she’s not a fan of it, she’s really just not a fan of enjoying her mutual love of the city with you.

6. When she says no to a jays game.

If a girl says no to a jays game, that’s a bold statement. Jay’s games are the epitome of a perfect date in Toronto. There’s a chance to chill, eat, talk, all in the midst of (whether you enjoy baseball of not) being in a stadium home to both Jays players and Toronto fans. If she doesn’t want to chill with you at something as simple as a Jays game, sorry bud, she’s not into you.

7. When she claims to be spending time with fam in Scarbs.

Hold up, this is a straight up lie. I’m going to put this as gently as I can. No one goes to chill with fam in Scarbs, fam. If she’s lying by using going to the fricken boonies as an excuse, she’s not into you.

8. When it’s a beautiful day but she still claims to be too busy to chill by the waterfront.

The view by the Harbourfront is a classic for home grown Torontonians. It’s like your little slice of the beach in a city that’s always so hustle and bustle. Unfortunately for you, life’s more of a bitch than a beach if she’s not down to enjoy.

9. When she doesn’t make an effort to laugh at your Rob Ford/ Meek Mill jokes.

References to our former pot smoking mayor and beef ting with the 6ix god fail to get old. In fact, they’re often still glorified on social media through an endless amount of hilarious memes. Trying to mention such references is a good man’s tactic to breaking the ice. If she’s not picking up what you’re putting down, it’s probably best to quit while you’re still behind.

10. When you might just get hit with the R--ead Receipt.

Eye contact, more like die contact. This act is truly the silent killer. Nothing worse than asking how her shift at Eaton’s went or asking her out to a movie at Yorkdale and receiving the infamous “Read --:--.” T-minus 14 minutes ago.

11. When she's already going to the CNE with her other friends, brother, cousin, dog, etc...

The CNE is the holy grail of a Toronto summer. You wait all year for it and once it arrives it's like a little slice of carnival heaven. Who can say no to the rides, deep fried foods, and amazingly bright lights. Obviously it's tradition, and obviously no one's limiting you to go just once. So if she's using the excuse that she's already went, or not quite feeling it, chances are a date at the fair is too real for your relationship (...or lack thereof).

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