It seems like a lot of 20-somethings have some sort of commitment or trust issues. In fact, it has gotten to the point where no one wants to commit to anything.

Literally, not even to phone plans. If you agree with any of the statements below then you might either have commitment issues or you're just REALLY lazy. Either works

Photo cred- DontFearTheRojo

1. Phone Plans

Signing a two or three year contract with your phone company so you can get that new iPhone, is sometimes not worth it. Nice try Satan, you can't have my soul today. I'd rather save money and buy the phone separately than sign a long regretful contract with you.

Photo cred- Julia

2. The Gym

It's great to be healthy and get daily exercise.  All you need to do is put on your gym clothes, get ready to leave the house and make your way towards the gym... Do I have to go to the gym today?

Photo cred- Zero Sum

3. Watching A New TV Series

When you want to start watching a new show, you need to make time and stick with it. Sometimes, you just don't watch anything new because once you start, you can't stop

Photo Cred- Blotto

4. Anything That Requires Daily Use

Moisturizers, anti-wrinkle under eye rollers, even vitamins are too much of hassle.

Photo cred- FlawlessSeas

5. Relationships

Ahh, love. It can be the greatest thing in the world to experience or it can slowly eat you from inside out until you don't want to exist anymore. Relationships take time, patience, mutual understanding and respect. That's not something you 'do', which is why you run for the hills anytime someone tries to hold you down.

Photo cred- comic sans art history

6. Jobs

In order to survive we all need to work. Sometimes it's hard to keep the same job that you've had for more than three years.

Photo cred- Catching the Funnies

7. Making Plans

There is no getting out of it, you're life is ruined.

Photo cred- eleven blue lichens

8. Loyalty Cards

Cashier - "Would you like to join our loyalty program to earn points?"

You- "No, I just can't commit to this, sorry."

Photo cred- Rhymes with Random

9. Pets

Pets are probably the best thing you can ever own. But if you have commitment issues or you're lazy, then you probably shouldn't own one. Sorry.

Photo cred- Crazy Living

10. Watching Movies

You don't like going to the movies because the theatre makes you claustrophobic. They're basically holding you captive for an hour and a half . Short films are more your stride. Thirty minutes tops, no strings attached.

Photo cred- Craving Nomz

11. Diets

Even people who don't have commitment issues can't stick with diets. So, it needs no explanation.

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