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I love being gay. I'm sure a lot of queer folx will say the same-- it's pretty fun, you won't get pregnant and die, you get to wear rainbows literally all the time with no judgement and if you find the right group of friends, they'll be incredibly supportive and chill about it. With the amount of negative tension happening in the last few years with the LGBTQA community worldwide-- from Russia to the States-- have this short list of why being gay is really pretty awesome. Especially in Toronto, a city with a queer community so strong, so vibrant, and so exciting, that it's hard not to be thankful for the happy, accepting environment when walking down Church Street.

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The city is hella accepting

I like being able to walk down the street with a girl and hold her hand and kiss her and know that most people-- especially young people-- aren’t going to look twice. It’s chill and laid-back and I feel safe here, which is important.

Photo cred - Torstar News Service

WorldPride, anyone?

Toronto has a huge Pride festival every year, and last year we had World Pride. Know what that means? One girl I knew put it best: “Bitches from all over the world.” On one hand, it’s just awesome that our city is so supportive and accepting-- everyone gets involved, and the whole week is a big, city-wide party. On the other hand, it’s a perfect opportunity to slut it up.

The Village

The central gay hub of the city is a plethora of bars, pubs, and clubs, all catered to the city’s queer and fabulous. Located right at Church and Wellesley, though there aren’t that many exclusively lesbian bars, there’s Crews and Tangos, Garage on Church, and basically half the strip that ladies can still go to. And men-- well, they have a whole strip of clubs catered to every need and dirty deed.


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Rainbows everywhere

Not just in the Church-Wellesley Village, but literally everywhere. While there, the intersections are painted in rainbows, all across Toronto, stores that support the LGBTQA community tend to put small rainbow flag stickers in their windows. If that doesn’t make you feel welcome or supported, I don’t know what will.

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Everyone knows each other

Just like in The L Word, a show with a cast so beautiful it was almost unbelievable, I'm sure if someone (me) made a chart about who knows who in whatever way, it would be deeply interconnected. The queer community is pretty tight-knit here-- at least from my experience. It seems like everyone knows one another, which, when you think about it, is actually quite nice. As we say now, #nonewfriends.

The community & events

Speaking of how everyone knows each other, the queer community in Toronto is also super supportive and artistic. From Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, a queer theatre that’s been around for years, to even going to see the drag kings on a Wednesday night, to the annual queer zine fair, there’s almost always something going on that you can drag your straight friends to-- and open their minds.

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This one’s for the students

At Ryerson, the Student Union has an LGBTQA subsection called RyePride, which puts on events for LGBTQ students. U of T has a similar one called LGBTOUT. In a city where being queer is mostly met with casual indifference and acceptance, there’s still kids and students who grow up with homophobic or old-fashioned parents. Sometimes, having an organization like this at your school can help.

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Gay marriage is legal in Canada

You’ve met the one? No problem. Run your gay booties down to City Hall and put a ring around that finger. You can do it here!

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Everyone’s a little gay

Don’t deny it. You’re all a little queer on the inside.


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Everyone is cute

Literally everyone is cute. So damn cute. Can’t walk down the street without seeing a cutie. It makes me sick.

Mum’s the word

My mom says the gays are “a clean people.” Take that as you will.

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