Don't you love when a song feels like it was made for you?

Whether it's the beats, lyrics, or all around vibe, sometimes a song can just feel like your song. When you're walking to the TTC, on the train, going to class, working out, or any other activity that has you using your headphones, you're most likely listening to this song . It's that song you'll never get sick of and you're probably going to request to have it at your funeral. You have your own song and no matter where you are, you instantly feel on top of the world listening to it.

Now theres songs that may feel directed towards you, but there's also ones that may represent you and you're friends and the qualities your beautiful hometown (aka Toronto) gave you. No matter what you do, when you hear a song, it'll bring you back to memories of you and your friends in the city and put an instant smile on your face.

Here's some songs that represent ladies from the 6ix:

Credit: ArtyOfficialVevo

1.Up All Night // Arty ft. Angel Taylor

Like this tune, you know us 6ix girls like to take risks and maybe give some people the benefit of the doubt (even when they don't deserve it).

Credit: Dead - 

2.idfc // Blackbear

Toronto girls, I know you've hit that point when you just don't fvcking care anymore.


3.Wolfpack // TĀLĀ ft. Banks

We always know our girls got our back. 6ix girls stick by you until the very end, making them the best ones to have in your squad (or wolfpack in this case).

Credit: HalseyVEVO

4.Gasoline // Halsey

When you're looking for that song to blast on the speakers when your feeling angsty, this is the song for you. This song is perfect for the days us 6ix babes are feeling a little cray and need to take our minds off things with amazing tunes.

Credit: The1975VEVO

5.Chocolate // The 1975

The song for when you're feeling adventurous. Who doesn't love to go outside their comfort zone and run all around downtown Toronto with your closest buds? You may run into the cops at some point, but it's totally chill.

Credit: DrakeVEVO

6. Worst Behavior // Drake

You know when you're with your Toronto squad you're always on your worst behaviour.

Credit: OneDirectionVEVO

7.Drag Me Down // One Direction

This song represents us Tdot girls to a T. We're fabulous, independent women and we'll let no one stand in our way of rising to the top and doing what we want!

Credit: BigSeanVEVO

8.Guap // Big Sean

The song for when you need to forget all about your 6ix haters.

Credit: JustinBieberVEVO

9.Sorry // Justin Bieber

Every Toronto girls secret turn up song. Whether you're partying at Door Three or shopping at Mendocino, you know this song will make you stop dead in your tracks and get you and your friends dancing.

Credit: BrysonTillerVEVO

10.Right My Wrongs // Bryson Tiller

Every 6ix girls dream of what they want a guy to say when they realize they've fvcked up.

Credit: beyonceVEVO

11.Run The World (Girls) // Beyoncé

Who run the world? (Toronto) Girls, obviously. 

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