Humans are mimics by nature. We have the tendency to copy the things that we want for ourselves; whether it's a look or a behaviour. So it was only natural that when we saw these iconic squads on TV, we tried to do all the things they did with our own friends.

When we were kids, these guys didn't only keep us company when we got home from school; they also taught us about a critical aspect of life - the meaning of friendship. Here are 11 #SquadGoals we all had growing up:

1. Recess

T.J., Vince, Spinelli, Gretchen, Mikey and Gus - all 90's kids should be familiar with these names. Whether they were fighting for playground territory with the Ashleys, or sneaking around behind Randall's snitchy back, they always looked out for each other. And as kids, that's all we ever wanted in our friends.

2. The Weekenders

For most of us, typical school day afternoons involved rushing home to catch up with our favourite weekenders - Tino, Tish, Carver and Lor. They always did cool stuff together like a true squad does; whether it was eating at the same pizza shop that always changed its theme, or hanging out at the dock by the beach.

3. Proud Family

The best part about Penny’s crew was that they were always honest with each other. They truly pushed our buttons, and made us want to hug them.

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4. That's So Raven

Deep down, we’re all a little bit weird and have our own unique qualities that we’re sometimes insecure about. Even though they knew Raven was different, Chelsea and Eddie stuck by her side and never judged her for it.

5. Power Rangers

When I talk about the Power Rangers, I refer to the original five - Zack, Trini, Jason, Kimberly and Billy. They were amazing role models for us, especially because each of them brought something unique to the group. #Diversity

6. Friends

Who could forget about our favourite New Yorkers? Because of Friends, most of us dreamt of being able to live with our friends in the same apartment building when we grew older.

7. Zoey 101

Zoey’s group of friends taught us that it’s perfectly possible for girls and guys to just be friends. Even though they did have their share of relationship dramas, they always put their friendships first and made sure nothing got in they way of them.

8. Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo were the original squad. Every girl wanted a best friend like Miranda, and every guy rooted for Gordo to get out of the ‘friend zone’.


9. Rugrats

The Rugrats are the youngest squad but also one of the tightest. With their big imaginations, they always went on these larger-than-life adventures that we wish we went on with our own friends.

10. Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold is essentially the Nickelodeon version of Disney’s Recess. Like TJ’s crew, Arnold’s friends were all unique in their own ways. Aside from their amazing chemistry with each other, we were also jealous of the fact that these 4th graders had so much freedom to go out whenever they wanted.

11. Totally Spies!

These girls are proof that opposites attract. Although they were all super different from each other, they were still the best of friends.

12. This group of ladies.

Nuff said.

What other squad goals can you name? Leave a comment below!

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