The Russian culture is very powerful and of course there are plenty of us that live in Toronto. Some of you may be first generation Canadian, while others immigrated to Canada a couple of years ago, but we have all been through common struggles in Toronto. Looking to relate? Here's a list of 11 struggles many of us as Russians experienced growing up Russian in Toronto:

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1. A couple of summers were spent at "Matryoshka."

 Instead of going on rides at Canada's Wonderland, you would loose your mind by rolling on grass to kill time at this Russian musical festival, while other kids were going on roller coasters.

2. No friends were ever jealous of your school lunches

Because your food was very strange in their eyes... Herring under the fur coat or frozen meat jelly anyone?

3. Having to explain the difference between Christmas and New Years to your friends.

Santa Claus comes on New Years Eve, but his name is actually Ded Moroz and his granddaughter is his helper...

4. Sundays were often spent at Moscow Sauna Club.

If you father wanted to spend quality time together, you'd be going to the sauna club on Finch to get whipped with dry leaves.

5. As well as G-Ross or Earl Bales Parks...

At least you could bring your friends to picnics, that ended up being parties.

6. Many things were and always will be reused in your household...

Tupperware containers from yogurts, jars and plastic bags were washed more than once. Russians went green a long time ago.

7. You're expected to marry a Russian in Toronto.

You've checked out Torontovka to meet your soul mate but obviously you had no luck.

8. Everyone made fun of you for being superstitious...

It's not your fault these "rules of life" were drilled into your head as a kid.

9. You dealt with stereotypes on the daily.

No we do not bleed vodka, no I do not own a bear as a house hold pet and no my family is not part of the KGB.

10. Cool fashion trends were not so cool to others.

The Adidas track suit, the alligator shoes, blue mascara and eye shadow, ridiculous lip stick and 6 inch heels in 40 cm of snow... This made sense to no one other than a Russian.

11. It's impossible to translate some words from Russian to English.

And when you try to, your friends look at you like a complete idiot. The word for nagli, is impudent FYI.

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