There is a difference between having a playful side, and being immature.  And man-children are the epitome of immature.

If you have ever met a guy who relies on his mother to do his laundry, or cares more about his lifted jeep than his career, then you may have encountered a man-child. Sure, they can be incredibly funny, and great to party with, but are they really relationship material?

Luckily, Toronto is full of driven and caring guys who know how to treat others.   Although if you happen to start talking to a guy who possesses a few too many of these traits, it may be time to find a real man who will treat you right, you deserve it!

1. His mom still buys the majority of his clothes

This guy could care less about his personal style, and lets his mom handle whether he's a boxers of briefs kind of guy.

2. You can't get a hold of him until 4PM on weekends

He takes sleeping in to a whole new level.  You won't be able to reach him until he gets enough beauty sleep from playing too much COD the night prior.  Don't count on brunch plans or an afternoon hike, that probably won't be happening.

3. He thinks all your friend suck.

There is a very good chance that it's not your friends, it's him. Sure not everyone will always get along, but he should know that it's important for him to try to get to know your friends, and vise versa.

4. He is never wrong, and you're always acting crazy.

A man-child never plays with the idea of someone else being right.  He also does not have the mental capacity to validate your opinions or feelings.

5. He has never done his own laundry.

Come on dude, Tide Pods basically make it effortless, no need to get your mom to do it.

6. He constantly makes you pay for things...

I'm not saying he always has to pay, but making you constantly pick up the bill gets a little annoying.  Don't drinks 4 beers at dinner if you're not going to at least cover your half of the tab.

7. ...And when he does pay, he never tips.

It's just common courtesy.  

8. He has a tattoo of his own last name.

We all know someone who did this.

9. Whenever you ask him to plan something, the only thing he comes up with is "Netflix and Chill"

We aren't asking for a romantic canoe ride through a river of champagne and rose petals.  Literally suggest a walk by the lake and I'm happy, just don't make me watch another hour of Archer with you on a Saturday night.

10. They are constantly on their phone when you're talking.

I get that Pokemon Go is important right now, but there is no need to ask how my day was if you're just going to be sending out lures the whole time I'm speaking to you.

11. He constantly cancels on you last minute.

Grow up and stick to your commitments man.  And if you have to cancel, let us know before we waste money on an Uber and on our way to your place.

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