Going out doesn't need to involve drinking every time. Whether you're coming down the day after a wild night, or are just not into drinking, there's still tons to do in London, Ontario.

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From parks to restaurants to live events, there's plenty of things in London to do if you're not really into drinking. Check out this list for some ideas: 

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1. Springbank Park // 1958 Storybook Lane

Spend 2 hours at the park bike riding, walking around and enjoying the company of friends or loved ones! This park is perfect for a spring day trip and will leave you feeling refreshed (not hungover).

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2. Sundance Balloons // 1245 Michael St 

The most CLASSIC romantic date possible can happen in London, Ontario! I know this activity is on everyone's bucket list, so grab your significant other or best friend and spend the day in the clouds!

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3. Storybook Gardens // 1958 Storybook Lane 

Feel like a prince or princess by the Storybook gardens castle. Another perfect Insta opportunity, and the park is perfect for a sunny afternoon. 

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4. Go on a cute dinner date 

No one ever said going out for dinner requires drinking. Opt for a virgin cocktail or water (cause let's be real, who drinks enough water). Check out these amazing London restaurants!

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5. London Covent Market // 130 King St 

Another perfect spot for a day trip, this flea market is home to tons of interesting vendors. You're guanteed to come across some interesting products here! 

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6. Go indulge in desserts

Grab your significant other or best friend and try to conquer this list of dessert places in London (warning: the sugar crash COULD be worse than a hangover). 

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7.  The London Music Club // 470 Colborne St

Calling all music lovers! After a day of exploring the gardens and attractions of London, spend the night at The London Music Club. With tons of awesome bands every night, you can enjoy a chill night celebrating music. 

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8. Idlewyld Inn and Spa // 36 Grand Avenue 

Kick back and relax at a day trip to Idlewyld Inn and Spa! Treat yourself to one of the many services such as: facials, massages and mud wraps. 

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9. The Junction Climbing Centre // 1030 Elias St

For those who like to stay active, rock climbing is the perfect activity for you. A bit of adrenaline and a challenge will make for a good time!

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10. Lost City Escape Room // 1050 Kipps Lane 

Grab a group of friends and try out the escape room! A guarenteed good time where you'll experience some good laughs, and a challenge. 

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